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Trout Tank: Food Frenzy Contestants


What is it?

SNOWLAB is the coolest dessert spot in Denver, CO. Serving up delicious artisan shaved snow - a creamy, ribbon-like Taiwanese cold dessert - this homegrown cafe is known by locals and visitors alike for their friendly customer service, fresh ingredients and awesome vegan-friendly desserts. If you're an adventurous foodie searching for something new or crave something fruity, sweet and frozen, SNOWLAB is the place for you.

Both of the co-founders are lactose intolerant, so it makes sense why SNOWLAB is dedicated to offering vegan-friendly, non-dairy alternatives to ice cream and frozen yogurt.

At SNOWLAB, they take dessert pretty seriously, crafting every cup of shaved snow to absolute perfection in order to ensure total customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether you're a shaved snow fanatic or if you've never tried the stuff, SNOWLAB promises to deliver the best shaved snow that's sure to have you coming back time and time again.

Founders Daniel Huynh & Augusto Guerrero  

Daniel Huynh, savvy businessman, CU-Boulder grad and co-founder of SNOWLAB. After working in finance, he followed his dream to build on his two passions in life, food and fitness. He is thrilled to introduce this revolutionary snow dessert to Denver. Good food and good service is his motto.

Augusto Guerrero, connoisseur of food, former bank manager, and co-founder of SNOWLAB. He discovered his passion for food at a young age in his abuela’s kitchen. This mastermind behind the recipes of SNOWLAB is ecstatic to continuously roll out new flavors. Listen to your tummy is his motto.







What is it?

LEVO is a first of a kind kitchen appliance that allows you to infuse any oil or butter, with any herb, at the touch of button.

Founder Chrissy Bellman

Chrissy Bellman, Founder & CEO, has self-funded and made LEVO ready for mass production. She is a graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business and has professional experience in banking and consulting, including a focus on go to market commercialization and pricing strategy.

Tie One On

What is it?

Tie One On is a retail, food, and beverage startup planned to open in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver.  The approximately 2000 square foot establishment will center on the sport of fly fishing, selling many items you would find in a fly shop as well as other “core” products which sell in high volumes.  The shop will also have a craft beer tap room, where local beer and wine is sold, as well as a limited-service restaurant serving high quality casual food.  Tie One On will also focus on creating and selling branded items to grow online sales and eventually distribute to outdoor and fishing stores nationwide.   

Founder Tyler Work

Tyler grew up in McLean, Virginia, a sleepy suburb of Washington, D.C.  As the son of a successful restauranteur, Tyler started working in his father’s restaurants at the age of 10 and never truly left the industry.  He studied civil engineering at Auburn University and began working as a roadway design engineer and later as a lead civil/structural engineer for Tetra Tech when he moved to Denver.  It only took a few short years to figure out his passion was not working for large corporations, sitting in front of a computer for hours each day but for the outdoors, beer, food, music, and the arts.  



SaltiSweet Ice Cream Factory
What is it?

SaltiSweet Ice Cream Factory LLC was formed in April 2014 by four partners who had a collective vision to produce a great tasting product with the corporate philosophy: Have Fun.  Do Better.  Be Real.  Headquartered in downtown Littleton, Colorado, we manufacture a super premium frozen novelty made with Boulder organic ice cream hugging an organic pretzel.  We started selling at one local Whole Foods store in November, 2014 and have expanded into 515 stores in 27 states. 


Life is good—when you eat more ice cream.


Founders of SaltiSweet

Four entrepreneurs, Tom Cherrey, Michael Jennings, Rick Rue and Kent Swartz, make up the team for SaltiSweet Ice Cream Factory LLC. They hold degrees from the University of Denver, Notre Dame, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, San Diego State and Pennsylvania School of Arts.

Tom has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and has founded companies that focus on marketing, branding and creative services for small businesses and higher education. Michael has been an active investor, entrepreneur, and consultant for over 20 years; with roles including trader, analyst, portfolio manager, and partner. Rick brings experience in the food industry as he currently oversees all operations at Gold Star Sausage. He has established relationships in the industry and holds an understanding of distribution channels in retail sales, foodservice as well as industrial based customers. Kent is the “idea guy” – he is partner and founder of the “Original RockiRoll” and has worked as a freelance designer in Colorado for 10 years.


Video on SaltiSweet  


Lithic Nutrition

What is it?

Our name comes from the suffix of "Paleolithic;" a time when insects were a primary sourced protein for the typical hunter/gatherer.  With our goal of resurrecting the concept of entomophagy in American culture, we deliver the most nutritious and delicious cricket-based protein bars and protein powder on the market.  With 80% of the world eating insects as part of their diet, we think it’s about time Americans got on board!  We ensure our products have the nutritionally-conscious individual in mind, and spare no effort making the cleanest and purest protein that's easy on your body and the environment. Lithic Nutrition is a veteran owned and operated venture. 

Dave and Lars Baugh 

The Baugh brothers (Dave and Lars), are identical twins born and raised in Colorado with a passion for an active lifestyle and adventure. A nutritious lifestyle is their foundation that allows them to push harder, go farther, and move faster. By combining Dave’s international experience as a Marine Corps Officer, and Lars’ professional sales background, their passion has driven us to create Lithic Nutrition - aimed at revolutionizing the food and supplement industry with products that are wholly GOOD. Good for your body, radically good for the environment, and good for addressing stereotypes and misconceptions about “what we should eat.”  We believe that this is the next significant step to revolutionizing our diet. Join them in reigning in our positive impact on our earth, our bodies, and our economy. 





Baron of Bacon 

What is it?

At Baron of Bacon, each rasher of pork belly is lovingly hand rubbed with the finest ingredients and spirits to create a unique taste. Each piece is minimally processed in the fashion of old world craftsman. Microbrews have changed the way Americans drink beer. Baron of Bacon is leading the change in the way Americans buy and eat bacon.

Founder Mark West

 As a young boy, I remember my mother cooking and filling the house with incredible smells, generating unmatched happiness when people ate.  I thought my first venture into cooking was simple enough – icing. But it ended in a disaster with my mother lovingly explaining the difference between confectioners and granulated sugar!My first creation went to the trash followed by hundreds of others. I’m still wondered, “What would happen if I did _?”  I had planned to go to culinary school but football and martial arts took out my knees and ankles eliminating that option. So, I followed my second passion, electronics and computers.Still passionate about cooking I taught myself. Today, few of my experiments go into the trash.  My wondering lead me to cure bacon with bourbon, tequila, whiskey. People love it!

I’m ready to share my bacon with the world and make people as happy as my mother did.

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Create Cooking School 

What Is It?

Create Cooking School is a recreational cooking school offering various cooking classes focusing on flavors, regions, techniques, and that bring an entertaining, engaging, patient, and passionate attitude to every class for the home and recreational cook.

We exist to bring people together and to empower and grow confidence in every guest who is inspired to explore the art of cooking. We make it simple.

Founders of Create Cooking School 

A native to Argentina, Diego Coconati has a vast background in the culinary arts. After attending Johnson and Wales’ Culinary Arts program in Miami, he worked in the Fairmont Hotel as a Sous Chef as well as working for well-known chefs including Chef Allen and Chef Jose Mendin, winners James Beard awards. In 2005, Diego moved to Colorado, where he started working in Boulder as Executive Chef at Seven on Pearl. Since then, Diego has worked as Executive chef at Happa Sushi, Atticus, and Boones Tavern. Diego currently teaches recreational cooking classes in Denver.

Erasmo Casiano began pursuing culinary programs in high school. He received professional culinary curriculum at Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island. Following his graduation, he worked at several restaurants in Dallas, including The Screen Door, Ferré, and became an executive chef for Restaurant Works Inc. In 2008 Erasmo moved to Denver where he was Executive Chef and General Manager of Crú Food and Wine bar for 5 years before accepting a job as Sous Chef at Fox Restaurant Concepts at North Italia. Due to a back injury he switched his culinary focus on teaching recreational cooking classes.

Erasmo and Diego met while working at a recreational cooking school and became the hit chef instructor team for the company. After months of discussion and planning they decided to pursue their dreams of opening their own cooking school; Create Cooking School.






Because of Chocolate 

What is it?

Custom molded chocolates that are free of the top 8 allergens (Nuts, Tree Nuts, Soy,Gluten, Fish, Shell Fish, Milk and Wheat.) Wow, now you too can enjoy chocolate Why BECAUSE OF CHOCOLATE, let me tell you. BECAUSE OF CHOCOLATE will be donating a portion of its proceeds to organizations that help feed children not only
through the school year, but through the summer as well. It will also donate to causes working to cure food allergies. You will be able to give us a name of a charity you want the proceeds to go from your purchases. Your organizations can raise money selling BECAUSE OF CHOCOLATE. Aside from the delicious taste of its chocolate, there is much to offer your fund-raising with custom ordered molds and packaging

BECAUSE OF CHOCOLATE is Organic, Allergen free of the top 8 allergens, and Certified Kosher Parve.

Everyone wins with purchasing BECAUSE OF CHOCOLATE … You enjoy delicious chocolate, and charities and non-profits benefit too.


Nina Rosenfeld is a married mother with a wonderful daughter who loves chocolate. Nina and her family live in Denver Colorado.  Family, Community and helping others are very important to them. Nina’s husband and her are both so very passionate about helping others and giving back. Now their daughter inherently enjoys it too.

 Four years ago Nina came up with the idea for specialty chocolate. She designed a specific mold and found a co-packer and away she went.  At the start of my chocolate business Nina knew it had to include giving back. Currently, Because of Chocolate is working to self-manufacture chocolate and becoming a Benefit Corporation! (B. Corp.) In this new venture they are making our chocolate completely allergen free of the top 8 allergens so more people can enjoy chocolate. Please visit us at It will be a rewarding experience!