Our Team

Our team is committed to the growth of Colorado businesses and the creation of jobs and wealth for entrepreneurs. With five administrative staff and over 20 consultants, we represent a broad range of diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise. As part of the Colorado Small Business Development Center network, we also have access to more than 300 business consultants across Colorado. 

To meet with a consultant, click here and we’ll guide you through our resource network to ensure your entrepreneurial success. 

Our Staff

  • Abram Sloss

    Abram Sloss

    Executive Director, Denver Metro SBDC

  • Rob Rose

    Rob Rose

    Director of Programs and Engagement

  • Morgan Alu

    Morgan Alu

    Program and Communications Manager

  • Kim Roberts

    Kim Roberts

    Customer Service Specialist



    Our Consultants 

  • Amanda Armstrong

    Amanda Armstrong

    Business Consultant

    Research and Data Analysis

  • Nancy Barnett

    Nancy Barnett

    Business Consultant

    Start-up, Business Planning

  • Greg Durocher

    Greg Durocher

    Leading Edge Facilitator

    Start-up, business planning

  • Jeff Gilbert

    Jeff Gilbert

    Business Consultant

    Start-up, Restaurant, Retail

  • Kris Hefley

    Kris Hefley

    Business Consultant

    Marketing Strategy, Branding, Sales

  • Adam Herman

    Adam Herman

    Business Consultant

    Digital Media, Technology, and early-stage startups

  • Wendy King

    Wendy King

    Business Consultant

    Marketing Strategy, Branding, Sales

  • Jim Olp

    Jim Olp

    Business Consultant

    Start-up, Taxes, Accounting, Funding

  • Priscilla Orozco-Garcia

    Priscilla Orozco-Garcia

    Business Consultant

    QuickBooks, Accounting, Start-up

  • Steve Parry

    Steve Parry


    Sales and Marketing

  • Jeff Sachs

    Jeff Sachs

    Business Consultant


  • Adriane Sanford

    Adriane Sanford

    Business Consultant

    Certifications, Bidding

  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

    Business Consultant

    Project Management, Estimating, Bidding. Bonding

  • Louise Walsh

    Louise Walsh

    Business Consultant

    Business Planning

  • Dan Braiman

    Dan Braiman

    Business Consultant

    Cash Flow, Banking, Fundraising

  • David Hood

    David Hood

    Business Consultant

    Startup and Business Planning

  • Janet Hoffman

    Janet Hoffman

    Business Consultant

    Human Resources

  • Darryl Keeton

    Darryl Keeton

    Business Consultant

    CDOT Prequalification, Strategy, Financial/Cash Flow Management, Risk Management

  • Jennifer Kurtz

    Jennifer Kurtz

    Business Consultant

    Business Planning, Strategic Growth, Technology, Government Procurement and Certifications, Marketing