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10 Tips to Crack the Codes to Your Merchant Credit Card Account

1. Charges over $40, use your debit PIN # to save merchants money.

2. Charges under $40, use your credit card to save merchants money.

3. Helping our merchants save money, helps us save money.

4. Always use address verification system by typing in the zip code or number on the back of the credit card to keep your fees low.

5. Batch out at least once every 48 hours or your rates for these days will increase.

6. To save on chargebacks, with an average of $25 a piece, add your phone number to your "dba" on your application with your merchant processor, or ask the processor to amend your current dba. When customers see the charge and question who this is, they can call the phone number and save you a chargeback fee.

7. Never rent or lease equipment. You'll never stop paying for your equipment.

8. Beware of free equipment or merchandise - the price is hiding in your fees.

9. Don't lock into a contract that requires a termination fee. Negotiate this issue with your sales person.

10.Don't agree to any pricing model other than "interchange." Interchange is paying Visa/Mastercard/Discover their exact fees, plus a cost to the sales office. Other models hide additional fees.

Rolynda Sanborn, Merchant Credit Card Account Consultant
Crack the Codes


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