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10 Tips to Building Local Citations and Links for Your Website

10 Tips To Building Local Citations and Links for Your Website

In order to rank well online, your website needs to be linked to from other sites. Links are a search engines method of finding sites to place in their index and are a key factor in determining how important a page or website is. Links are like votes for your site, so if a search engine such as Google finds lots of links leading to your site, it's likely to assume that your site is important.

Citations work in the same way, but it isn't necessary for a citation to contain a link. In local search optimization, a citation could be a mention of your business name, address, phone number or URL. The best citations will contain all of these. Local search optimization has become extremely important now that the search engines have made local results a priority for their users.

Precision Photonics Corporation is an optics and photonics company in a small niche industry. Being in such a niche industry, it can be difficult to attract links on the web, but we've utilized our local presence in Boulder, CO to help expand our reach online by gaining both locally related links and citations.

1. Local Directories- Search Google using locally relevant queries. For example, for us we would search for Boulder Directory, or Colorado Directory. You can also try searching using a zipcodes, neighborhoods or even nearby cities.

2. Local Blogs or City Specific Websites - These types of sites can be more difficult to find, but they are out there. Your city might have sites that are dedicated to keeping citizens up-to-date on the latest events and local bloggers are always looking for something to write about. Try searching with queries such as Boulder Blog or Boulder News. Once you have a list of sites, you'll have to review each one to see if there's some way you can get a link or citation. Consider a related guest post if possible too.

3. Local Event Sites - If you put on any type of event, business related or not (perhaps a charity event), seek out local event listing sites and get your event placed. Even if you can't get a link, a citation with your business name and address can help greatly. See what comes up when you search for your city name and "event".

4. Local Associations - Local groups and associations such as your local chamber of commerce will list your site if you put in a request. Also consider topical groups that are slightly out of range of your specific niche. For example, Precision Photonics is an optic manufacturing company, but we can find local science groups and associations to become members of.

5. Official City Websites - Unless you are located in a really small town, your city should have an official government run website. Many of these sites have business directories that you can request to be listed in.

6. Local News Websites - If you have something newsworthy to share, you should definitely contact the local news stations where you live and let them know. If you're putting on an event that will benefit the city, send a reporter a message. Many local news websites also have business directories you might be able to get a listing in.

7. Local Charities - Many charities have pages on their sites thanking donors with a business listing. Seek out local charities who have these pages and contact them about donating.

8. Do Citation Research - There are some great tools online that can help you find out where your competitors are getting citations. If they can get listed, there's a very good chance you can too. Check out Local Search Toolkit. It's free.

9. Job Sites - When you post job openings online, include your business name address, and phone in the listing. Some job listing sites allow URLs to be listed too.

10. Local Business Journals - Business journals are always doing interviews. Consider pitching them on one and if they agree, ask for your byline to include your business information and a link to your website.

Bonus Tip!

11. Submit to Localeze - Localeze will take your data and submit it across the web to the most important local sites online. It isn't free, but it's quick, easy. use Localeze as a supplement to your efforts, not as a replacement.

Precision Photonics Corporation is a precision optics and photonics manufacturer located in Boulder, CO. Check out their site at

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