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10 Tips to Move Your Office Painlessly

1. Create a Plan Planning is the most important part of a move, checklists are vital.

2.  Make Friends with the Phone Company Make sure you have excellent communication with your phone service provider.

3.  Contact IT Confirm that your IT department and/or Internet provider are completely prepared.

4. Keep Critical Clients in the Loop All those clients who are on your ‘A’ list, your current projects list.

5. Market Your Move Consider using your move as a special marketing opportunity with your clients and prospects.

6. Don’t Forget the Stationary All company stationary will need to have the new address printed.

7. Involve Your Staff Have your employees pack and prepare to move their own personal property.

8. Organize Vital Info Distinguish between active and inactive files.

9. Think Electronics Back up computers 2 days prior to move.

10. Plan a Party Plan to have an “Office Warming” celebration for your staff a week after the move to help with the transition to your new location.

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