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10 Tips to Rock Your Online Videos

Is your video simple and clean or has it taken on Spielberg-like proportions? Either way, you can still benefit from some tweaks. Making a few small changes can make a world of difference!

1. Brand, brand and brand – ALWAYS place your logo and company name (tastefully) throughout your videos.

2. Answer questions – Think of the most frequently asked questions your customers or other professionals ask.

3. Describe a case study – A great way to show off what your business can do is through case studies.

4. Pay attention to the details – Does your music support the feel of your website? Are your graphics easy to read?

5. Place your website address on the video – Runing it discreetly across the bottom of the frame; bring it full-screen at the end of the video; begin your description of the video with your complete URL

6. Come up with a great title – Not only will a great title attract eyeballs, but using keywords in your title will help your rankings on search engines

7. Post it in different formats – You cannot know what software people have on their PCs, and if it is current and up-to-date.

8. Tag your videos – much like using proper titles, great tags and keywords will help your audience find your video.

9. Post a summary or transcript– People really do want to know more about your product, but for sometimes they can’t play your video.

10. Measure results – After your video is live, you will want to see some results: Join the Conversation: What are some of your tips for rocking your video marketing? Comment on this article to share YOUR ideas and tips.

Thanks! Mark Walker is Director of Sales and Marketing for Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions in Denver, CO. He has been making high-quality videos since 1976 and gladly shares his knowledge with you in these articles.

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