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BE Unstoppable in 2019

Start your year with a Strategic Planning Workshop

During this workshop, the LifePoint Strategies team will help you build an unstoppable and comprehensive plan for 2019.

Together in the class, we will:

  • vivid visioning exercise to jump-start your unique purpose

  • Develop a mission statement that reminds you why you serve your clients
  • Identify organizational values that will keep you and your team growing

  • Create the perfect dynamic between your work and personal life

  • Map out 90-Day S.M.A.R.T goals that ensure you stay on track

We’ll end with a powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) exercise that will:
  • Make it easier for you to achieve your 2019 vision

  • Help you change patterns that held you back in the past

  • Create positive strategies that move you forward

Standard Fee - $35.00
Bronze DMCC Members - $25.00
Silver and Gold DMCC Members - Complimentary

What people are saying about LifePoint Strategies:

“LifePoint helped me realize I can find my joy in my life now - today and every day - instead of just working really hard and hoping that joy eventually comes. And my business can be even more profitable while I do it.” -JAMI F., OWNER, UP & UP CREATIVE

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