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Business Triangle

Finance, marketing and sales are three important practice areas, as well as three crucial foundational elements of every business. They are distinct in how they are tactically executed, but the relationship between the three is vital to understand.

This track will give entrepreneurs a framework for their own businesses and teach you how to build a financial forecast that will contribute to identifying and setting sales goals and marketing milestones.

May 24 | Financial Forecasting: Knowing the Numbers First | Register

Walk away with a financial forecast template to revise and edit throughout the track
• Understand how marketing campaigns and efforts need to be quantified, tracked and reported to set milestones

June 21 | Marketing: What it is, and what it is not | Register

Gain a clear understanding of the different marketing channels and tactics and how to track them.
• Learn to prioritize channels that will work for your business
• Set benchmarks and goals for marketing

July 26 | Sales: It’s Not as Scary as you Think | Register

The difference between sales and marketing
• How to build an outbound sales strategy
• Marketing, sales and finance - how it all comes together


Standard Track Fee - $100.00 (classes are $35.00 when signed up individually)
Bronze Member Fee - $75.00
Gold and Silver – Complimentary

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Meet Your Presenter: Adam Herman

Adam Herman has spent 13 years in a variety of roles within digital media, technology and early-stage startup environment. Additionally, he has helped build, invest and advise three small businesses that have gone on to successfully grow and continue to operate. Nominated as one of Denver Business Journals “40 Under 40” (2016), Adam has lived in Denver for the past eight years and currently oversees the Client Development team at Centro - a digital marketing services company.