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Create Wealth Doing What You Love

A workshop for women entrepreneurs.

Are you a smart and soulful woman entrepreneur not making enough money doing what you love?

Are you a female artist, healer or creative type, drowning in the 10,000 things you "could do" or "should do" to grow your business? 

Have you created success in your business through sheer will and perseverance, but are swamped by the volume of work just to get by?

In this workshop, we'll focus on:
  • Overcoming the six biggest barriers to generating wealth in your business

  • How the engine of your business revenue works, and why you can't make money until you understand it

  • Diagnose which of the biggest revenue opportunities you can focus on to move your revenue up

  • Why you feel overwhelmed and how to change this cycle for good

  • The two things you must spend the majority of time on, if you're not making enough money

  • Why your website is not really the problem (even though it feels like it)

You'll leave this workshop with a whole new understanding of where to focus, where not to focus, and how to create wealth doing what you love.

January 16, 2018
11:00 am -1:00 pm

Standard Registration - $35.00
DMCC Member Registration - $25.00
Gold/Silver DMCC Members - Complimentary

About The Teacher: 

Elizabeth did the WINC Program in 2014, and quickly 
tripled her revenue in the part of her business that she built her Engine around. This is huge success! Especially, given that she already had a six-figure business. As a coach and program facilitator, Elizabeth brings you serious skills and experience using WINC's Engine System to grow a business. With 3 years of coaching and consulting experience helping female entrepreneurs with marketing, branding, money mindset, work/life balance, and proven success building and running a product-based business.

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