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Eide Bailly Phone Scam


Looking to make sense of the fluid nature of cyber security? 

Each month we strive to bring you the hacks, the vulnerabilities and the challenges of securing your day to day habits and work environment.  This brief is intended to help you make sense of the ever-changing world of cyber security and to help you avoid similar scenarios. 

  • If your phone suddenly switches to "emergency calls only" mode: Act fast. A new scam has fraudsters targeting individuals to gather personal information including name, cell phone number and carrier, in addition to the usual date of birth, social security number, address. The fraudster contacts the cell service provider and reports the phone as stolen, and requests to have the cell number "ported" or assigned to a new phone and/or a new carrier.

    • Once the cell number has been moved to a new device, hackers attempt to access accounts that utilize a text message as part of authentication. Victims have had their bank accounts drained, credit card accounts hacked and other instances of fraud
  • If you suddenly receive a text thanking you for signing up for a new cell phone carrier or your sell service drops: Contact your cell phone carrier immediately. Also change passwords to any online accounts as soon as possible and take steps to recover your identity. As a preventative measure, you can institute a pin number on your cell phone account. Please share the details of this scam with others to help increase awareness.

For more on the story check out the Better Business Bureau’s advice, here.

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