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Stepping Into Tittle III of the JOBS Act

Equity crowdfunding was made possible by Title III of the JOBS Act. It created an exemption under existing federal security laws to make this funding method legal. Chris Fisher, founder of Still Company and Leading Edge graduate, is one of the entrepreneurs paving the way in this new avenue of capital formation.

His company is on the platform, where they are working to gain interest and investment through citizens that believe in what he is doing. 

Small Business Development Center: What made you want to step forward with this funding option?

Chris Fisher: "As an entrepreneur, capital is the lifeblood of your company...Wefunder's business model is based on taking much of that pain out of raising those funds based on the new law going into effect and reversing the decline of entrepreneurship in America."

SBDC: Why is this the best avenue for you to raise money?

Fisher: What would have taken me no less than six months of traveling around and pitching to Accredited Angel Investors has been simplified...This opens up a tremendous amount of potential capital for early stage companies similar to Still Company, and I really wanted to be a part of that history."

SBDC: What has the support system looked like for you in this process?

Fisher: "Other people that might consider doing an equity based crowd funding campaign need to understand that it is close to impossible to think you can do it on your own. I was surrounded by resources like the counselors at the Denver SBDC, connections like Traverse Imager LLC (video), Colorado Crowdfunding Org who provided me navigation through the process and a killer marketing team (Defenestrate)."

SBDC: What does this law change mean to you?

Fisher: "Despite the 'over-the-top' media coverage of startups, the truth is that throughout the nation (and with the exception of a few bright spots like Silicon Valley), entrepreneurship is dying. The percentage of under-30-year-olds owning a private company has fallen from 10.6% in 1989 to 3.6% in 2014. I hope that Still Company becomes part of the new 'resistance' using innovative capital formation and distribution technologies, like those available on Wefunder, to bring back business ownership to those 1989 levels." 
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