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Building Sales Success

This four-part series takes place monthly from March - June 2018, walking participants through the sales process by covering the topics below. You can register for the course as a track or taking individual classes.

March 20: Build Your Prospecting Plan | COMPLETED
Prospecting is always a challenge - planning it and then, doing it! In this seminar, attendees will recognize the importance of regular prospecting behavior and will learn to develop a plan that best fits their company, market and personality. 

April 10: Book the First Appointment | Register
Determine how to develop a compelling message, craft that message into an effective 30-second "commercial," learn to get past gatekeepers and book an appointment to move the sales process forward.

May 8: Succeed at a Sales Meeting | Register
Learn how to accomplish the four key objectives once you find a new prospect - build rapport quickly and enhance communication, determine if there is a reason to do business, if the prospect has budget to spend; and if their decision process meets the company's criteria.

June 5: Close the Deal | Register
Put the sales process together and learn how to effectively close the deal

Standard Track Fee - $105.00 (classes are $35.00 when signed up individually) 
Bronze Member Fee - $75.00
Gold and Silver - Complimentary

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Meet The Presenter

Steve Parry works with leaders who recognize that sales are the constraint to their company's growth, and help them understand why and what to do to drive profitable, sustainable revenue. Steve began developing his training and communications skills as a 2nd grade teacher in Summit County, Colorado. An entrepreneur at heart, Steve left teaching to start his own business, and since then, has spent over 34 years as a business owner and in the corporate arena.