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Four Steps to Super Sales Success Webinar Series

The Denver Metro Small Business Development Center and Kendra Lee, President and Founder of sales consulting firm KLA Group, hosted this free four-part webinar series on the Four Steps to Super Sales Success. Each webinar covers a unique aspect of successful sales techniques, from email prospecting and web 2.0, what not to do in sales meetings and closing more sales faster. Click on the recordings below to watch the webinars.

Webinar 1: Dos and Don'ts of E-mail Prospecting

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It’s hard to get emails noticed in a world with over 150 billion emails being sent each day. But that doesn’t change that fact that, in sales, emails are an essential part of the process and a starting point for contacting a prospect. Your emails have to be as effective as possible.


Webinar 2: Understanding Your Web 2.0 Tool Kit

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The new internet has changed the way people do business. From reviews, social media, “contact us” options, blogs, and more, the advent of web 2.0 has moved from a one-way marketing broadcast to a two-way conversation between businesses and prospects. Companies can no longer thrive simply talking at their prospects about what value they bring to the table.

Webinar 3: The Top 10 Things Not to Do in a Client Meeting

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Simple mistakes have significant impact on sales results. Whether you are a new sales rep or have gotten lax, you want to catch these mistakes before they impact your quota. But before you can, you have to first recognize the mistakes.


Webinar 4: The Seven Methods to Close More Sales Faster

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There is an age old sales struggle that every sales rep is familiar with – prospects who want you to whittle down your prices and your sales manager that wants you to meet your quota. You don’t have to negotiate to win sales. Are you conditioning your prospects to expect it?

Presented by: Kendra Lee, KLA Group

Kendra Lee is a Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencer. She is a Prospect Attraction Expert, president of KLA Group, and author of the new book The Sales Magnet and the award-winning book Selling Against the Goal. Specializing in the IT industry, KLA Group helps mid-market companies break through tough prospecting barriers to exceed revenue goals. Ms. Lee is a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and events. To find out more about the author and her “Get More Customers” strategies, visit www.klagroup.com or call +1 303-741-6636

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