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Kid Power

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and when Kerri Olson and Cami Haussler couldn’t find the right kind of food supplement for their infant children, they developed their own natural formula, giving birth to Kid Power! Wellness Blend, a powered nutritional supplement now carried by one of Colorado’s top natural food grocery chains.

Kerri and Cami care for their own children as well as foster children. When they were told powdered food supplements might help some of their infants gain needed weight, they weren’t too happy with what the marketplace offered. “All the supplements we found had a lot of sugar, chemicals and dyes in them – not very good,” Kerri said.

So they set out to develop their own powdered supplement from natural sources like flax seed, oats, whey, nonfat dry milk and a few spices. “To get it to taste good was a challenge,” Cami said. “We used kids as taste testers. We finally found a balance.”

When Whole Foods Market sampled the mixture and offered to carry the product in its Colorado stores, Kerri said the Small Business Development Center helped the two moms structure and run their company, spiff up their packaging, and find a commercial kitchen to produce the product.