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Lockbox Marketing Group

In its fourth year, Lockbox Marketing Group Inc. is going gangbusters.

“Integrity is important to us—that what we say matches what we do,” said Christen Roberts, director of business development, who co-owns the business with Creative Director Melodi Sheppard. “It’s at the core of how we deal with each other, our staff and our clients.”

The Denver-based company specializes in website design and development, marketing and branding strategies, and creative design for a range of businesses, associations and other organizations. Lockbox services also include search engine optimization (SEO) and an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that allows clients to add, delete or modify pages on their websites, in addition to e-Commerce, online reservation bookings and ‘Members Only’ log-in areas.

“We typically work with two types of clients,” Roberts said. “There are the visionaries who are generally happy with their website, but they want improvements – maybe lead generation. The second group of clients is also visionary, but they’re frustrated because their websites are outdated and not serving their business needs.”

From accredited investors to art galleries to a stone quarry, Lockbox Marketing Group tailors its services to meet the particular goals of each client. Roberts estimates the company will gross $480,000 in 2010.

“Partnerships are difficult to harness, but Melodi and I are very fortunate in how our skills complement each other and our business objectives,” Roberts continued. “We extend that same spirit of partnership and open communication to our clients, which helps us tell their stories effectively.”

Along the way, Andra Hargrave of the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has guided the company’s sales strategy.

“He helped me understand what expectations I should have from a sales standpoint,” Roberts said.

Roberts also credits the SBDC for coordinating and facilitating opportunities to learn from other business owners who have achieved success.