“The Denver Metro SBDC’s course structure, content and process helped me create a comprehensive business plan that secured $1.3 million in SBA 504 funding for the purchase of my studio."

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Moss Pink

A love of flowers led Jil Schlisner to buy an existing flower shop in 2006, rename it and build her business by creating inspirational, beautiful atmospheres for clients. She believes people should wear flowers more often, in the form of corsages and boutonnieres—and on ordinary Wednesdays, not only proms or weddings.

Moss Pink Flora & Botanicals, located on E. 23rd and Dexter streets in Denver, provides clients with beautiful shopping environment, as well as personal attention.

“Getting to know my clients on a name-by-name basis creates a much-appreciated personal touch that seems so old-world in our culture these days,” said Schlisner. “A friendly familiarity in a business that deals much with intimate and emotional events and situations really goes a long way.”

In the current economy, Schlisner and her staff are also looking for ways to offer their clients “simple luxuries” like May Day baskets for less than $20, as well as other “promotions that focus on the positivity of life without going to excess.” Their goal is to build business based on positive customer experiences shared by word-of-mouth, in addition to attracting new clients with Web and e-mail marketing.

Schlisner credits the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center and Counselor Jim Olp for “giving her hope.”

“I had no idea how to go about buying a business. [Jim] gave me the straight facts and helped guide me through the process,” she said.