Jenn Green

Jenn Green

Jenn Green

CEO, SPHERE Education

Jenn Marshall is the CEO | Renegade BadAss | Brain Coachat SPHERE Education. Jenn’s driving passion is educating people on the power of brain awareness and ownership. She believes there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we know how to use our brains effectively to move us toward our goals. Awareness of the unconscious blueprint and emotional belief structures are key to massive change in our lives. Her favorite question is “why”.

Clients of Jenn’s are better understood as her students and to them she is less a life coach/therapist and more a weird Aunt/cool big sister/strange, wandering interpreter of maladies with the wisdom, experience and education to help them achieve all of their goals. What she does is less about figuring out what’s wrong and more about figuring out how to transform the confusion of being a teenager/young adult/newly adulting person into genuine verve for being people. Teen angst is just misguided or latent willpower waiting to be tapped into and with tools honed from leading research in neuropsychology together they foster resilience, creativity, and empathy.

Jenn was born in Minnesota, raised in Denver, Colorado. Her parents instilled a passion for learning, exploring, and a healthy dose of audaciousness. When it was time for college she decided to set off on a new adventure. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Henderson State in Arkansas.

Jenn spent 15 years as a Consultant in the Employee Benefits and Human Resource industry.  She worked for two large international insurance brokerage firms, a large regional broker, two small independent agencies, and started her own agency.  She has worked with clients such as McDonald’s, Standard Parking, Wilton Industries and the City and County of Denver.  Jenn was known for her ability to connect with executives, administrators, employees and families.  She developed her sales, educating, negotiating, and communication skills during this time.  Her business savvy and skills were further developed by her entrepreneurial enterprise in starting her own business in the industry.

After 15 years in the Insurance and Human Resource industry, she decided to return to graduate school.  Within two years Jenn received dual Master’s degrees in Psychology and Communication from Regis University.  She was honored with the Malcolm Knowles Award at graduation. Jenn opened SPHERE Education in 2013 while in graduate school and continues to grow her business and focus on helping clients and families not only survive but thrive during the most confusing, exciting, and chaotic time in life. Jenn is passionate about helping clients understand how their brains work and how to make sure they are living the most amazing lives possible.

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