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Trout Tank H2O: Pitch Event





As a headwaters state and one of the most entrepreneurial in the U.S., Colorado is positioned to be on the leading edge of water innovation, technology, and problem-solving.  This is the only way Colorado will continue to be successful and thrive. Our quality of life and economy depend on it.

We want to show off the entrepreneurs who are stepping up to preserve and protect the things we love about living, working, and playing in Colorado are successful, which means we all get to continue to do the things we love.

What is Trout Tank H2O?

The business of water is a big industry - $600 billion globally. And, it is more than just turning on your tap – water hits the nexus of agriculture, energy, bio-science, transportation, manufacturing, public health, outdoor recreation and tourism, business, and education - all the key pillars of our thriving economy, environment, and society.

Colorado, and the entire western region, face some difficult challenges related to water – natural disasters (drought, floods, wildfires), aging infrastructure, variability and uncertainty in supply, growing demand from booming population growth, etc.

These local, state, and federal concerns are driving the need for innovation within the sector and for businesses to help solve these critical challenges.

April 24, 2019 | 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. | Pitches, Connections, Happy Hour

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

1445 Market St, 

Denver, Colorado 80202

Community Partner Sponsorship - $200.00 (includes 5 VIP tickets)
VIP Investor/Lender Ticket - $50.00
General Admission - $35.00
Bronze/Silver DMCC Members - $20.00
Gold DMCC Members - Complimentary

*all tickets include food and beverages

See a summary of the final event for Trout Tank H2O below!


"As an early-stage entrepreneur, it was extremely helpful to see where an idea needs to get to in order to be presentable and worthy of investment."
-Trout Tank Attendee  
Anyone that has a business and wants to see it succeed, you need to be here. There’s so many things that we didn't even know until we got here that they really helped establish what it takes to be a successful business. We don’t have holes in our business plan now.”
-Will Kelsay, Co-Founder of Dirt-Tri Magazine, Winner of Trout Tank Spring 2016

Competing in the Trout Tank is not just about getting in front of lenders and’s about the process of distilling your vision down to 10 to 15 slides and communicating your dream in a compelling fashion in five minutes. The most valuable part of the entire process is the journey you take to get yourself prepared. Give yourself and your business the gift of playing full out.”  
-Greg Durocher, Safe Ride 4 Kids, Winner of June 2015 Trout Tank 



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