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Trout Tank Fall 2016 Participants

Meet Our Trout Tank Participants


The Honest Stand 
What is it?                                                                                                                                                                                      

The Honest Stand is a gourmet food company using 100% all natural, non-gmo and certified organic ingredients to create Vegan, Gluten Free and Paleo friendly plant-based foods that suit consumers' lifestyles and palates. Founded in Denver in 2014, we satisfy a growing base of consumers who are looking for convenient, better-for-you (and the planet) options that embrace culinary traditions. We stand behind traditional flavors and clean ingredients; all of our products are made fresh and are free of fillers, binders, artificial preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors. We currently offer a line of four Cheesy Sauces made entirely without dairy, available at more than 40 stores across the front range, including Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Alfalfas and Lucky’s Markets.

Founder Alex Carone

Alex started making vegan, paleo cheesy sauce in college with the help of her best friend (aka mom) upon switching to a more plant-based lifestyle after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010. When she discovered her partner, Jeremy, couldn't tell the difference between her Mac N' Cheese and the "real deal," she knew she was onto something. Alex handles creative direction, regulatory compliance and general administration for The Honest Stand, while also managing the company’s demo program and eight demo team members. When she isn’t working for The Honest Stand, you might find Alex teaching AcroYoga internationally, swimming, traveling and standing on her hands.

The Warmfront
What is it?

The Warmfront is a simple product - a thermal bib and base layer for staying warm without overheating. Small and lightweight, a Warmfront Chest Warmer stays in your pocket, pack or purse until the weather turns cold and then you can quickly insulate your core when you need it. Take it off just as easy. The Warmfront insulates your core, but doesn't add another layer on your back. Cyclists, runners, hikers, skiers / boarders, commuters, and breast cancer survivors rely on The Warmfront to help them enjoy the outdoors and be more comfortable. It's also called a neck mullet, dickie, and a magic cape. Our design philosophy is less is more. Designed in the Colorado Rockies, each one is made by hand here in Colorado.

Warm The Front Up!

Founder Matt Sodnicar

From founder Matt Sodnicar: I've been a software engineer, bicycle sales rep, IT consultant and now an entrepreneur with The Warmfront. This company has been the cumulative effort of many, many people who have contributed the critical elements - belief, encouragement, and truth. This thing has guided me through difficult times and has already enriched my life through friendships and experience. Knowing this product may have helped someone enjoy their day just a little bit more is rewarding. In addition to building the Warmfront into a successful company, Matt is 50% complete with 2 really important life goals: owning a gorilla suit, and learning to fall down stairs like a Hollywood stuntman. You'll have to ask him which one is next on the list.

Instagram: #warmthefrontup


Go Pawsible 
What is it?

Go Pawsible makes it safe to leave your dog in the car so you can spend more time traveling with your dog and less time worrying about it. Our Pup Waggin' is a portable, ice-cooled, battery powered air conditioner that cools the entire inside of the car of a car to a temperature that's safe and comfortable for your dog, even when it's 100 degrees outside. The Pup Waggin' will stream data directly to an app on your smartphone so you can check on your dog and get alerts in case anything changes that requires your attention. The Pup Waggin' also includes a window display that shows the temperature inside the car to any passersby so they can know the dog is safe. In the future, Go Pawsible will develop new products, software and services to help all dog owners be able to travel safely with their dogs.

Founder William Loopesko

William Loopesko is a dog owner, en eagle scout and an engineer. After getting a Master's Degree in hydrology from the Colorado School of Mines William spent 3 years working for a civil engineering firm before realizing that working for other people wasn't how he wanted to spend his life. While he was an engineer, William adopted a dog because he wanted a partner to go hiking with, but quickly realized hiking with his dog is impractical because of the difficulties of traveling with a dog in the car. He set out to solve this problem and make the world safer for all dogs by making it safe to leave dogs in the car, regardless of how hot it is.




What is it?

EZscheduling is an app designed to solve the headache of scheduling with anyone who is not in your company.  We offer a solution that allows you to see the free/busy information of other people’s calendars regardless of the calendar platform they use.  Gone are the days of email tag trying to figure out what time works for everyone to meet.  Gone are the days of spending hours trying to coordinate multiple calendars.  Using the EZscheduling app will take away your scheduling frustrations and allow you to coordinate anyone.

Founders of SEZscheduling

Brandon Elmer currently works as a senior project manager for Aventura, a health care IT startup in Denver.  He has worked in project management in the health care industry for 5 years and has  earned a masters in health services administration from Xavier University and is a certified project management professional from the  Project Management Institute.  As a project manager, Brandon realized the amount of time wasted coordinating external resources and co-founded EZscheduling in 2015 to solve this problem.

Timothy Soliday currently works as a software developer and lead designer for TaskMasterPro. His experience with managing a mobile workforce for five years brings him to the cutting edge of IT project management. In managing large projects such as the 2008 DNC, Timothy recognized how vital communication is to successful project outcomes.  To help improve the scheduling needs of project management, Timothy became the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of EZscheduling.

Anytime Hood
What is it?

AnytimeHood is designed to keep your head protected from light rain, snow, and wind.  This ingenious hood features a flap at the base so you can attach it to the locker hook in your coat or jacket and keep the hood secure.  The hood is lightweight and made of waterproof nylon, and is the ultimate solution in place of an umbrella.  The hood is easily condensable into its own small pouch, and can be tossed in a bag or backpack so you can face an expected or unexpected stormy day without worry! 

Founder of AnytimeHood 

Sirena Rolfe lives in Colorado but was born in Texas.  She moved to Colorado when she was four. Sirena attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and studied Journalism/Marketing. She has been working in Digital Advertising since she graduated. Later Sirena received her masters from the University of Phoenix. Sirena's family was low income so they had their fair share of struggles. Plus, she helped a lot with raising her sister who is 10 years younger. When it was time to go to college, she knew that was going to be tough since I didn’t have any money.  Sirena still made it happen and is very happy she did!  Also, she spent a few years working in NY.  Lastly, Sirena has been told she is a leader, so in her mind, that means being driven. She hopes that helps her invention successful! 

Gym EMpowerment
What is it?

Gym EMpowerment is the future of advertising for the fitness industry.  Our mobile app will allow its members to find the perfect specialist and facility to reach or surpass their fitness goals.

Founders of Gym EMpowerment

Collectively the Gym Empowerment team has almost 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.  We all understand the value of a healthy lifestyle and we strive to help everyone improve their life through fitness.



Denver Mobile Hair

What Is It?

Denver Mobile Hair is a company that provides high end hair services in the comfort of your home. Our stylists are fully equipped, no bending over the sink here! We bring with us all the necessary tools to ensure comfort, as well as a quality salon experience. We take away the hassle of trying to cram your hair apointment into your busy schedule! Feel relaxed, we'll come to you!

Founder of Denver Mobile Hair 

Karessa Lauvergeon (owner) is a Colorado native. She has been in the hair industry for over 7 years. Karessa has taken several advanced courses through Bumble&bumble University, NY. She has also taken advanced classes, as well as educated for, Aqua Hair extensions and Hot Heads hair extensions. Fashion show and photo shoot work experience also. 
After hearing several conversations about many different issues on why getting to the salon these days can be a challenge, she came up with the concept and decided to form Denver Mobile Hair. "I wanted to created a company that provides hair service needs, for all hair types. High end, high quality salon experience, in the comfort of your own home."

Contact : Karessa Lauvergeon at 


Game Train 

What is it?

In 2017, Game Train will become the premier social and entertainment getaway for Colorado’s front range– to laugh, talk and problem-solve while playing table-top and board games in either of two amazing venues within our facility. Each passenger will virtually “ride the rails,” disconnect from today’s digital world and safely connect with new friends, old friends and/or family. Our immersive simulated train-rides transport people to a simpler time and pace of life through a variety of high-tech and architecturally-pleasing features. Game-play innovations and pleasing snacks and beverages round out the trip – for cost of a night at the movies – without ever leaving town. With new games, seasonal themes and changes of destinations and virtual train routes, each visit promises new opportunities and challenges.

Founder of Game Train LLC 

Game Train’s staff members each have over 20+ years of table top and electronic game experience. Each contributes specific skills and experience to this startup. CEO, Kevin Christian, brings a 40-year entrepreneurial background in business development, I.T. Project Management, sales, team leadership and operations management to Game Train. Jo Ellen Christian started and led a nonprofit counseling agency, and adds marketing, development, and event planning skills to the company. Scott Fields contributes a lengthy background of game analysis, writing and video editing as he creates our “Electronic Conductor” productions. Penny Fields’ 27+ years in the hospitality industry guide our food and beverage offerings. Mike Christian’s 18 years in theater operations and management and Kim Howard’s 6 years of Game Stop management add critical retail experience to the team.

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