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Trout Tank Finalists


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April 19th, 2018 | 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. | Networking and Demo Day to follow

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

1445 Market St

Denver, CO 80202

Meet The Trout Tank H2O Finalists

Kokopelli Packrafts
What is it?

Kokopelli Packrafts was founded on the single principle of innovation. In the early years this meant we were solely focused on innovating our packrafts. As we expanded this has grown into a focus of innovating the sport through three foundational pillars, Performance, Education, and Community. Performance represents the continual development of high end packrafts made out of cutting edge materials with design and user experience as our primary focus. We seek to grow the sport responsibly through proper education and safety training through our own means as well as with affiliated partners. Finally, we understand that packrafting is a special sport and every packrafter out there has something uniquely in common. We build meaningful relationships on and off the water with our fellow paddling and Packrafting community. 

Founders of Kokopelli Packrafts

Kelley Smith is a Co-Founder at Kokopelli Packraft and has always had a love for the outdoors. As a child, Kelley enjoyed the outdoors on most family vacations to many national parks and national forests in the Great Southwest. He enjoyed 50 mile backpacking and canoe trips as he climbed his way to the rank of Eagle Scout. Kelley can be found on local creeks and rivers during high runoff and climbing mountains during the offseason. His latest adventure entailed a 714 mile self-supported bike packing/packrafting trek through the state of South Dakota. Kelley currently resides in Denver, CO.

Alan Cummings is a Co- Founder at Kokopelli Packraft and is an all-around outdoorsman and gear freak. Alan was introduced to water sports when he purchased his first hard-shell kayak while attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. After moving back to Colorado, Alan found the sport of packrafting and immediately took to it. Alan spends his winters snowboarding at local ski resorts, with occasional trips to his favorite ski operation, Silverton Mountain.

Nick is a Co-Founder at Kokopelli Packraft and has been an outdoor enthusiast since his early childhood. Growing up in Southwest Colorado he had plenty of opportunity for exploring and adventure seeking. Living just outside of Mesa Verde National Park, Nick enjoyed weekends hiking in and out of the park exploring Native American archeological sites. He now resides in Fort Collins, CO where he enjoys his weekends running stretches of local rivers and exploring outdoor activities on the front range of Colorado.

Sink Twice
What is it?

Sink Twice LLC was founded in 2016 in Denver, CO.  The first product was the Sink Twice water-saving toilet lid, which is 100% designed, machined, and manufactured in Colorado.  In a short 22 months, Sink Twice has sold approximately 2600 units, and has experienced year-over-year US sales growth between 250% and 450% depending on the month. Sink Twice encourages hand washing and saves money, space, and water.  Over a million gallons per month are currently being saved by previously sold Sink Twice lids. Sink Twice’s second product is a USB rechargeable recirculating shower. The two have been tied together by computer technology such that Sink Twice will direct soapy bathtub water to a toilet when flushed, reserving city water only for the Sink Twice faucet.  Eventually, the Sink Twice toilet will function completely off the supply grid by using a combination of greywater and warm up “red water.”

    Founder of Sink Twice

    In 2015, Sink Twice owner Culver Van Der Jagt was teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle when she said “I can’t  ride a bicycle.”  Culver responded “You can do anything if you set your mind to it.”  Unconvinced, she replied, “if that were true, then you would save California from running out of water.”   Sink Twice was born of this conversation.

    Culver grew up in the USA, Russia, China, Spain, France, Germany, and Switzerland and speaks several languages.  Culver possesses an Masters of International Business Administration, three law degrees (JD, LLM in taxation law, LLM in Banking Law), a Ph.D. in International Relations and an undergraduate (major in Chinese and minor in Russian).  In 2014, based on his success in defending victims of domestic violence in court, Culver personally won the BBB’s regional “Torch Award for Marketplace Trust” - an award ordinarily reserved for top regional companies.

    Sink Twice Simulation:

    Renew West
    What is it?

    RenewWest is the company that makes money grow with trees.  We partner with landowners in the 7+ million acres of western land that burn in wildfire every year, replant them with native trees, and provide attractive returns to our investors through the sale of carbon offsets on the California carbon market. 

    Our projects will have strong impacts on water through the more metered melting of snowpack, reduced stream sedimentation, and cooler watercourses.  In addition, we have strong outcomes on rural development, improved opportunities for tourism, and restoration of lost habitat.

    Join us in changing how Americans value our forests.

    Founders of RenewWest

    A life-long westerner, Mike Smith grew up in Wyoming, Alaska, and Idaho and has a family and personal history of scientific land management. He founded RenewWest in Denver in 2015. Prior to RenewWest, Mike served as an officer in the United States Navy, primarily as a FA-18 Super Hornet pilot.  Postings included Italy, Japan, and throughout the United States.  He led multiple independent projects with monthly operations budgets of $7+ million, 250+ personnel, and over $1.2 billion in assets.  His final tour on active duty was as the head of Navy cruise missile operations throughout Africa, Europe, and the western Middle East.

    Mike earned his BS from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2002, majoring in Systems Engineering, with a focus on Environmental Engineering and a minor-equivalent in Political Science. He is a certified Project Management Professional and holds a Fundamentals of Engineering certificate from the State of Maryland.

    John brings a background of entrepreneurial work in impact investing, capital raising, and commodities trading.  John’s track record of leveraging strong relationships to build and strengthen organizations supports RenewWest and its clients as they scale to achieve simultaneous social impact and financial return. Prior to joining RenewWest, John worked as Director of Operations at the Impact Finance Center, a non-profit expanding the field of impact investing.  He led efforts for sponsorship and fundraising for IFC's CO Impact Days annual event.  Prior to moving to Denver, John spent the majority of his 14-year professional career as a futures trader/broker and Managed Futures portfolio manager in Chicago.

    John's passion for the outdoors and sustainability combined with his background led to his move west and involvement in the impact investing community. John received his BA in Communications and Business Administration from Michigan State University and holds his Series 3 and Series 30 Registrations.

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    Instream Water
    What is it?

    Instream Water is a sustainability-oriented company focused on reducing the number or single-use plastic water bottles manufactured and disposed of by altering the way filtered water is distributed. We are designing and manufacturing a network of free-standing weatherproof filtered water refill stations that will be installed in public places and dispense filtered water into a consumer’s reusable bottle for a small fee. The refill stations utilize existing plumbing infrastructure from any commercial or municipal source, filter all chemical, biological, and physical contaminants, and dispense either ambient, chilled, or sparkling water into a reusable bottle for $0.01-$0.03 per ounce. We have engineered a transaction platform the uses RFID chips embedded in reusable water bottles that allows consumers to transact conveniently at any Instream Water refill station.

    Founder of Instream Water

    Patrick Mahncke was born in Colorado Springs, a third generation native to Colorado. Mr. Mahncke attended the University of San Diego, where he graduated with a business degree in Finance and Management. Upon graduation, he moved back to Colorado and founded USA Mobility, a medical equipment company specializing in the provision of custom mobility solutions for people suffering from injury or disease limiting their mobility. USA Mobility was acquired by National Seating and Mobility in May 2015. Patrick is currently the founder and CEO of Instream Water; an innovative company that is changing the way filtered water is distributed. Patrick also serves on several non-profit boards including the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition (CCDC), a disability rights organization that focuses on ensuring people living with disabilities have equal rights and equal access. He also serves as the board treasurer for the Spina Bifida Association of Colorado and is a former board member with the Colorado Medicaid DME Advisory Board and the Colorado Association for Medical Equipment Services.
    Running Rivers
    Running Rivers is a 100% volunteer-led, Colorado-based 501(c)(3) organization; a small group of Coloradans who are passionate about improving our state's naturally functioning waters and creating new ways to sustainably enjoy them. 

    At Running Rivers, we firmly believe that the best way to ensure the preservation, protection, and maintenance of our irreplaceable public lands and waters is to develop and foster the stewards who will stand up in their defense. Our programs create unique opportunities for people to experience public lands and waters in novel and fun ways, to expand their depth of understanding of the importance of healthy functioning freshwater ecosystems, and to invest in their time, money, and sweat through on-the-ground stewardship projects.

    Conservation through Recreation! 

    Founder of Running Rivers

    My name is Andrew Todd, and I am the founder and president of Running Rivers.  Professionally, I have served for nearly 15 years in the federal government as an aquatic biologist / ecotoxicologist evaluating the impact of diverse human-caused stressors (e.g. acid-rock drainage, climate change, water extraction) to cold-water rivers and streams.  I received my B.A. in biology from Williams College, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in environmental engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I served for 9 years on the governor-appointed Colorado Water Quality Control Commission (Chair for 2 years) and I am the current president of the American Fisheries Society’s Water Quality Section.  

    I am an avid trail runner, fly fisherman, and craft beer enthusiast, and I fused these three passions into a new sport I call the Flyathlon ( to raise money for cold-water conservation projects.  In 2016, I founded Running Rivers to house the Flyathlon and other recreation-based conservation programs.  Over the last 4 years, our organization has raised more than $100,000 for on-the-ground projects.

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