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Trout Tank Finalists


See Them Pitch At Trout Tank Food Frenzy!

August 30th, 2018 | 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. | Networking and Demo Day to follow

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

1445 Market St

Denver, CO 80202

Meet The Trout Tank Food Frenzy Finalists

Rebel Bread
What is it?

Rebel Bread is a new Community Bakery + Bread School dedicated to challenging the relationship people have with their food. We're here to bring artisanal bread and thoughtful conversations into your community, one loaf or class at a time.

Founders of Rebel Bread

Zach Martinucci loves telling stories about food, over food, and even through food. He studied Culinary Anthropology at UCLA, and Professional Bread and Viennoiserie at the San Francisco Baking Institute. He now brings his passions for culture and cuisine together to craft story-worthy experiences over food.


Zach believes that food can (and should) tell the story of who we are. His academic and culinary backgrounds come together to challenge our relationship with food—one community, conversation, and loaf of bread at a time.


Rene Hosman is the founder of Little Bites Bakery, a Denver-based dessert catering company, and she believes that she did not choose hospitality—hospitality chose her. From a young age, she realized the power food has to bring people together, and would that into her first business bringing exceptional desserts to people's celebrations.


Rene's background in hospitality and revenue management balances out the business and baking team behind Rebel Bread.

Bivouac Coffee Company
What is it?

Bivouac Coffee Co is an Evergreen, Colorado based Public Benefit Corporation that was formed in 2017 to build awareness around naturally processed coffees. By becoming the first coffee company to specialize in this growing sector of specialty coffee that uses approximately 400x less water, produces no harmful byproduct waste, and utilizes extraordinarily simple farm infrastructure, we are aiming to quietly become the most environmentally friendly coffee company in the world. As an adventure-forward brand, we have partnered with outdoor industry NGO’s to allow a portion of our profits to have an impact locally, as well as globally.

“Simple coffee from shrub to cup. Naturally processed, responsibly sourced and sustainably roasted to inspire a remarkable life in the wild”

    Founder of Bivouac Coffee Company

    Kyle Benson and his wife Rachel Kociemba founded Bivouac Coffee Co. in 2017 after a being inspired during surfing trip to Central America.

    Kyle, a Colorado native, is also a professional Firefighter/Paramedic with extensive experience in the outdoor industry. His passion for exceptional specialty coffee runs deep. Kyle first found specialty coffee while studying for his degree in biology from CU boulder, and has been seeking out remarkable coffee experiences ever since.

    Rachel, a native of Northern Michigan, is also a Pediatric Emergency Nurse Practitioner.  Rachel found specialty coffee through her husband Kyle, and has a profound interest in the social impacts of coffee in developing countries.


    Konjo Group LLC
    What is it?

    Konjo was established in 2010.  Specializing in Ethiopian food, it is the first and only Ethiopian catering company in Colorado.  We have catered for The Denver Food Rave, The Colorado African Festival, the Cleo-Parker Robinson Dance Studio Gala, The University Of Denver’s Exhibition on Mozambique, and The Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce, to name a few. Konjo Catering was ranked by Denver A-List as one of the best places to get Ethiopian Food in 2014 and was voted Best Top Three Caterers in Aurora for 2018. 
    The Ethiopian Food Truck was founded in 2015 and was the first Ethiopian food truck in Colorado. It can be found throughout the Denver-Metro area.  Serving up healthy, traditional and authentic Ethiopian food, it has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.  You can find the truck at events such as Civic Center Eats, City Park Jazz, Anschutz Medical Campus, The Taste of Colorado, Parker Days and The Dragon Boat Festival to name a few.

    Founder of Konjo Group LLC

    Fetien Gebre-Michael is the founder of Konjo Catering and the Co-founder of The Ethiopian Food Truck.  Ms. Gebre-Michael immigrated to the United States at a young age.  She comes from an Ethiopian background and has eleven brothers and sisters.  At a young age, hard-work and perseverance was instilled in her, and as such, she is committed to her community.  She fully believes in the hearts of people and is dedicated to bringing out the best in them. In her spare time she is the Executive Youth Director for The Ethiopian Community Center for Language and Culture (ECC), and has served on its board for the past two years.  She is excited for the center’s growth and anticipates many great things for its future. Ms. Gebre-Michael has over 10 years of experience in the business sector and was the assistant marketing director for Freedom Cabs, Inc. and holds a Marketing degree from The Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a Certificate in International Business.

    CREAM Belmar
    What is it?

    CREAM is a sweet treat shop that specializes in handcrafted and warm ice cream sandwiches.  Our cookies are baked fresh in-house all day, every day.  We offer many other choices including the CREAM Taco, milkshakes, malts, sundaes and over 20 different kinds of ice cream.  For those with dietary restrictions, we also have 3 gluten free cookies, 3 vegan cookies and 2 vegan ice creams. 

      Owner of CREAM Belmar

      Elaine Brown, owner of CREAM Belmar, has spent her adult life caring for others as a registered nurse.  When the opportunity arose to open her own business, Elaine knew that bringing joy to people was one of the top priorities in choosing the type of store.  Another important aspect was being able to give her daughter, who has celiac, the ability to walk in and order an amazing treat that she could not get in most other ice cream establishments.  CREAM was the perfect fit – because Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.

      Facebook:  @CREAMBelmar


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