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Trout Tank Participants Week 1

 Meet Our Trout Tank Participants


Wander + Ivy
What is it?

Wander + Ivy is revolutionizing the single-serve wine market.

Our award-winning wines are made from organic grapes, sourced from family-owned vineyards around the world + served in custom 6-ounce glass bottles that are sleek + Eco-friendly. You can now enjoy a high quality glass of wine without the worry of wasting a bottle + without the harmful chemicals + additives that are often used in the wine-making process. 

Founder of Wander + Ivy

A health nut with a passion for wine and a background in finance.

-Certified Sommelier
-Certified Yoga Instructor
-Former Collegiate Dancer, Alvin Ailey, New York City
-Economics + Business Administration BA, Fordham University
-Former Vice President, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, Food + Beverage Practice-
-Volunteer, Denver Food Rescue
-Associate Board, ACE Scholarships
-Resident in the Denver Highlands with Husband + Boxer Puppy

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Instagram: @wanderandivy 


Science Fair Fun
What is it?

Science Fair Fun is a Public Charity on a mission to narrow the mentorship gap that students experience during school Science & Engineering Fairs. Our approach is to provide leading edge services & resources to students, parents, teachers, fair organizers and mentors. Our services include providing all of the back-end and front-end materials necessary to organize and implement a fun and innovative Science & Engineering Fair, along with teacher training to implement the Make Science Fair Fun in-class curricula, after-school program, and summer program. Our resources include workbooks and Science Fair awards that reward skills development, plus free online materials, such as downloads, Facebook Mentoring Mondays Live, and educational materials through social media and blogs.

Science Fair Fun has a foundation of values based on:

  • Fostering educational equity
  • Prioritizing integrity and innovation
  • Emphasizing skills development - NGSS Science and Engineering Practices and 21st Century Skills
  • Promoting authentic and experiential learning

Founder of Science Fair Fun

Wendy Wempe, PhD - President & Founder

As both a scientist and mother, Wendy is driven to the core to revolutionize the Science Fair experience for kids and their grown-ups.  Having dedicated the last 20+ years to STEM research, teaching and mentorship, Wendy ditched her career as a geophysics research professor to pursue this passion to Make Science Fair FunTM. This mission brewed over several years while she:

-Mentored dozens of children on their Science Fair projects
-Judged local, regional and state Science & Engineering Fairs
-Helped schools implement fun and innovative Science Fairs

She has been inspired by her kids, by the potential for Science Fairs to be such a phenomenal opportunity for kids, and three particular negative aspects: 
        1.) The mentor-ship gap that STEM-underrepresented students experience,
2.) The number of copied projects that students present, and 
3.) Student’s deficiencies in 21st Century Skills, particularly at the postgraduate level.

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What is it?

At Wampum we believe that eCommerce technologies should be available to anyone doing legitimate business.  We help our customers accept Bitcoin payments with or without the use of a local bank.

Our software, Wampum Register© allows our customers to:

* Accept cryptocurrency directly - with or without a bank
* Get access to funds within hours of acceptance
* Save money due to lower fees than banks.
* Reduce effort handling large quantities of cash
* Decrease the risks associated with deliveries
* Provide pre-payment and online ordering options
* Avoid the expenses associated with managing, securing and transporting cash

With Wampum your money is always in your complete control.

Founders of Wampum

Russell Castagnaro is an eCommerce Revolutionary and the CEO of Wampum, LLC a company dedicated to bringing eCommerce to anyone doing legitimate business, with or without a bank.

He implemented some of the first US eCommerce applications in the 1990's and led teams implementing eCommerce and ePhilanthropy solutions from 1997 through 2003. At that point, he realized more good for more people could come from sane eGovernment applications. In most cases, these services included eCommerce, access to information and all sorts of other Internet technologies. Starting in 2003 through 2016 Russell led the Hawaii Information Consortium/ They provided electronic government solutions to any government agency working in Hawaii (Federal, State or Local). 

Russell's experience with eCommerce convinced him that the accelerating trend of privatization of commerce by large banks and credit card merchants was inefficient, insecure and unwise for the world economy.  Cryptocurrency technology like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the world's best bet for the return of sane commerce directly between parties, and he has placed himself at dead-center in this upheaval.

Matt is the CTO for Wampum and the principal developer of Wampum Register© and other software products.  His understanding of enterprise software, Amazon Web Services, and Cryptocurrency is astounding.  His ability to develop straightforward code to solve problems resulted in an MVP launch in March and Beta in June.  We will officially launch Wampum Register© in November.


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