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Trout Tank Participants Week 1

 Meet Our Trout Tank Participants


Kokopelli Packrafts
What is it?

Kokopelli Packrafts was founded on the single principle of innovation. In the early years this meant we were solely focused on innovating our packrafts. As we expanded this has grown into a focus of innovating the sport through three foundational pillars, Performance, Education, and Community. Performance represents the continual development of high end packrafts made out of cutting edge materials with design and user experience as our primary focus. We seek to grow the sport responsibly through proper education and safety training through our own means as well as with affiliated partners. Finally, we understand that packrafting is a special sport and every packrafter out there has something uniquely in common. We build meaningful relationships on and off the water with our fellow paddling and Packrafting community. 

Founders of Kokopelli Packrafts

Kelley Smith is a Co-Founder at Kokopelli Packraft and has always had a love for the outdoors. As a child, Kelley enjoyed the outdoors on most family vacations to many national parks and national forests in the Great Southwest. He enjoyed 50 mile backpacking and canoe trips as he climbed his way to the rank of Eagle Scout. Kelley can be found on local creeks and rivers during high runoff and climbing mountains during the offseason. His latest adventure entailed a 714 mile self-supported bike packing/packrafting trek through the state of South Dakota. Kelley currently resides in Denver, CO.

Alan Cummings is a Co- Founder at Kokopelli Packraft and is an all-around outdoorsman and gear freak. Alan was introduced to water sports when he purchased his first hard-shell kayak while attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. After moving back to Colorado, Alan found the sport of packrafting and immediately took to it. Alan spends his winters snowboarding at local ski resorts, with occasional trips to his favorite ski operation, Silverton Mountain.

Nick is a Co-Founder at Kokopelli Packraft and has been an outdoor enthusiast since his early childhood. Growing up in Southwest Colorado he had plenty of opportunity for exploring and adventure seeking. Living just outside of Mesa Verde National Park, Nick enjoyed weekends hiking in and out of the park exploring Native American archeological sites. He now resides in Fort Collins, CO where he enjoys his weekends running stretches of local rivers and exploring outdoor activities on the front range of Colorado.

Sink Twice
What is it?

Sink Twice LLC was founded in 2016 in Denver, CO.  The first product was the Sink Twice water-saving toilet lid, which is 100% designed, machined, and manufactured in Colorado.  In a short 22 months, Sink Twice has sold approximately 2600 units, and has experienced year-over-year US sales growth between 250% and 450% depending on the month. Sink Twice encourages hand washing and saves money, space, and water.  Over a million gallons per month are currently being saved by previously sold Sink Twice lids. Sink Twice’s second product is a USB rechargeable recirculating shower. The two have been tied together by computer technology such that Sink Twice will direct soapy bathtub water to a toilet when flushed, reserving city water only for the Sink Twice faucet.  Eventually, the Sink Twice toilet will function completely off the supply grid by using a combination of greywater and warm up “red water.”

Founder of Sink Twice

In 2015, Sink Twice owner Culver Van Der Jagt was teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle when she said “I can’t  ride a bicycle.”  Culver responded “You can do anything if you set your mind to it.”  Unconvinced, she replied, “if that were true, then you would save California from running out of water.”   Sink Twice was born of this conversation.

Culver grew up in the USA, Russia, China, Spain, France, Germany, and Switzerland and speaks several languages.  Culver possesses an Masters of International Business Administration, three law degrees (JD, LLM in taxation law, LLM in Banking Law), a Ph.D. in International Relations and an undergraduate (major in Chinese and minor in Russian).  In 2014, based on his success in defending victims of domestic violence in court, Culver personally won the BBB’s regional “Torch Award for Marketplace Trust” - an award ordinarily reserved for top regional companies.

Sink Twice Simulation:

Catena Analytics
What is it?

Catena Analytics is an idea for a spin-off company from Colorado State University. We save utilities time and money by automating common water supply planning tasks and supporting deferred investment in expensive new supply through boosting confidence in demand planning. We sell annual subscriptions ($5k/yr) and setup and training services ($31k-85k one time) for a web-based software tool that streamlines water supply and demand planning by forecasting city water needs as annexations are planned and developed. Our web services provide secure hosting of billing data, automated historical water use extraction, and generalized modeling capabilities for forecasting under uncertain population, land use, and climate. Water use forecasts and projections can be summarized and reports tailored to utility needs for rapid integration with routine Comprehensive Planning, Master Planning, and tap fee and capacity assessment efforts.

Founders of Catena Analytics

Dr. Mazdak Arabi, CEO, has more than 20 years of experience in innovation for enhancing water resources management through development of state-of-the-art web-based and geospatially-enabled decision support systems and is excellent at fundraising.

For the past 10 years, Dr. André Dozier, CTO, has solved challenging water resources planning and integration problems with advanced computing technologies.

Dr. Larry Roesner, advisor and board member, is a member of the National Academy of Engineers for “pioneering development, testing and application of urban storm runoff and water quality models used throughout the world.” With more than 40 years of experience in the private sector and academia, he is an internationally recognized expert in development and application of hydrologic and hydraulic models.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Sybil Sharvelle, advisor and board member, has applied her expertise to innovate top class water and wastewater treatment technologies and integrative urban water modeling capabilities.

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