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What is it?

Nuorikko is embracing technology, evolving the bridal gown, and empowering brides to create their own experience. Not just another bridal brand, they are passionate about modernizing sales and manufacturing, and updating a stagnant industry.

Nuorikko's concept effectively reduces or eliminates the common frustrations and fit issues that affectevery bride. The line has over 8000 possible combinations, giving each bride the opportunity to create their own unique, individual style. Nuorikko is the first bridal brand to combine a customizable product with augmented reality. This concept goes beyond just a style update, and is taking the guesswork out of the shopping experience by allowing brides to virtually try on looks as they shop, both online and in store. Each piece is made-to-order in the U.S. using mass customization, a method of sustainable manufacturing that is delivered in less than half the time it takes other brands to deliver a standard gown.

Founder of Nuorikko

Kaitlyn Thomas is Nuorikko’s Founder, CEO, and a former frustrated bride. She ended up making her own wedding gown, disappointed with the lack of options available and unable to find anything that matched her personal style. Kaitlyn decided to take action in updating the stagnant bridal market, and Nuorikko was born. 

Customization as a future-facing business strategy is as old as the apparel industry itself, but in the past it has been both expensive and difficult to achieve. Now, technology-based, sustainable production methods are more accessible than ever, meaning that buying a customized product is no longer exclusively a luxury experience. With over 15 years’ experience in clothing design and manufacturing, including the use of technology in sales & production, Kaitlyn knows the ins-and-outs of the apparel industry, and is perfectly suited to bring a customizable product to the mass market.


Ray Of Hope Cancer Foundation
What is it?

Founded in 2002, The Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation responds to the urgent needs of Coloradans with cancer by providing financial assistance with dignity and humanity. By giving an unrestricted grant directly to the cancer patients in treatment, we give them the freedom to use the gift however they see fit. Groceries, rent, utility payments—even flowers for a daughter’s wedding—we impose zero restrictions. All our grantees have expenses that exceed their income, many of them with no income at all due to loss of work because of cancer treatment. To date, we have given over $4 million in financial assistance to over 4,000 cancer patients in every corner of Colorado. As a Gold Level Guide Star Participant, The Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation demonstrates the highest-level commitment to transparency. We are in a period of amazing growth for the organization and continue to better our mission. 

Representative of Ray of Hope

Luke comes to Ray of Hope as a proud Colorado native with a passion for social change. Born in Colorado Springs and graduate of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, Luke has a love for the Front Range and the everchanging landscape of Colorado. Luke studied Political Science and Communication Studies, and upon graduation worked in the Office of Admissions as an Admissions Counselor. After a great early career foundation, Luke dabbled in politics as a Field Organizer for The Colorado Coordinated Campaign. Luke unlocked a passion for community organizing and volunteer engagement. The whirlwind of the 2016 Election Cycle inspired Luke to find an opportunity to continue making a difference, and Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation became that opportunity. In 2012, Luke lost his father to cancer but knew he wanted to carry on his memory and make a difference for all those that are going through treatment. 

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What is it?
InfantCarryTM is an ergonomically designed attachment for a baby carrier/car seat to redistribute the weight over a larger portion of the forearm, relieving the pressure concentrated in most 2 inch wide carrier handles. It allows the user to hold the carrier close to the upper body while maintaining good posture. InfantCarryTM clamps to the handle of most baby carrier/car seats. It can be attached to either side of the handle, facing forward or backward, depending on one’s preference. Decorative cloth covers are available to soften the look and allow a variety of pattern preferences.

Founder of Infant Carry

Nicholas was born in New York City and grew up in Sarasota, FL. After high school he attended Auburn University on a Navy ROTC scholarship and earned a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering. Nicholas served 23 years in the Navy, primarily in Naval Intelligence. Tours included US Naval Forces Vietnam, aircraft carriers USS Hancock and USS Saratoga, and Executive Officer Fleet Intelligence Center Pacific. After the Navy he worked 10 years as a Defense Contractor with Northrop Grumman in Colorado Springs. We moved to Jefferson City, MO in 2001, where he worked with the MO Department of Natural Resources. Nicholas returned to CO in 2006 to be near his daughters and, eventually, grandchildren. He began working on InfantCarryTMafter his fourth grandchild, when he observed the difficulty of carrying a baby in a baby carrier/car seat.


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