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Animal Assisted Therapy Programs
What is it?

Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado (AATPC) is a unique, nonprofit, outpatient mental health center housed at small urban farm just minutes from downtown Denver. Founded in 2010, AATPC provides a non-traditional, naturalistic approach to addressing mental health issues that allows clients to be engaged and motivated in their counseling through their relationships with a wide range of animals. This experiential, research-supported approach is attractive to therapy-resistant individuals, and helps clients make changes more quickly and cost-effectively.

Since 2010 our growth has exploded!  What started with one office, two therapists and two animals, has expanded to a peaceful, 1-acre urban farm with a quaint 104-year-old cottage, 14 staff, eight interns, over 20 volunteers and 30 rescued animals. We have increased the number of clients and client sessions by a minimum of 23% each year, and we expect to see a 50% increase in the number of sessions this year. 

Founders of Animal Assisted Therapy Programs

AATPC was founded by Dr. Linda Chassman and Ellen Winston in 2010 along with their 4-legged co-founders, Mazey and Sasha.


Linda Chassman is licensed as a Marriage, Family Therapist and has over 30 years of counseling experience. She earned her M.S. in Clinical/Community Psychology from California State University, and her Ph.D. in Counselling at University of New England, in New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Chassman’s cat Norman was her first therapy animal in 1994 and continued to work with her until 2012. Throughout her esteemed career Dr. Chassman has been an educator, international speaker, and has several published articles. 

Ellen Winston is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor earning her M.A. in Counseling from the University of Denver. Ellen worked for many years with her Certified Therapy Dog, Sasha, specializing in children and their families. Ms. Winston continues to support the program remotely as the Training Director. 

Just Be Nice
What is it?

Just Be Nice® is a lifestyle brand and international movement with a simple message:  just be nice. These three simple, yet powerful words transcend through our culture as a positive lifelong message of kindness and a simple reminder of something positive to strive for on a daily basis. The Trademarked phrase Just Be Nice can be found on T-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and much more of our branded merchandise. We believe in the universal good of all people and want to engage communities everywhere to Just Be Nice. We can achieve this through implementing educational campaigns, engaging with people through various media platforms and establishing a “Just Be Nice Day” as a National Day celebrated every year.

Founders of Just Be Nice

Just Be Nice is comprised of four very qualified owners; Finley Mason, Cody Pourier, Duane Knight, and Colby Hunt. Finley is the founder and has man years of marketing and management experience. She has worked with many top brands in experiential marketing and has overseen large teams. Cody is our business developer and has 8 years of experience in sales and business development. Working with startups and different types of organizations in a diverse range of industries. Duane is our financial officer. A r
esults driven operational CFO with more than 25 years of executive level finance and accounting experience. With an MBA from University of Colorado and a CPA. Colby is our creative director. He has 6 years of experience running his own film production and photography group, along with working as an editor in post-production for highly esteemed entertainment organizations

Fire Within
What is it?

FIRE Within educates, equips, and empowers young entrepreneurs to influence social change. We believe in the unharnessed creativity and ingenuity of high school youth who, with the right tools, training and support, can have a massive impact on current social issues affecting our world.  


FIRE Within uses a hybrid-learning environment to engage students in a unique way. Industry experts who are in their field of expertise everyday teach lessons online and provide meaningful activities that reinforce each lesson 


FIRE Within provides students with the tools they need to successfully choose a social issue they are passionate about.  We also offer the resources to help them start a company to address the root cause of their social investment.


FIRE Within offers students the opportunity to take big risks, fail spectacularly, quickly reassess, boldly try again, and massively succeed in a safe environment.

Founder of Fire Within

Jenn Marshall is the founder and head coach of SPHERE Education. Jenn’s driving passion is educating young men and women on the power of brain awareness and ownership. She believes there is much to accomplish if we know how to use our brains effectively. Jenn strives to educate youth in a new way by capitalizing on the latest neuroscience data, using tools that teens understand, and creating functional, relevant, useful, and fun experiences.

Facebook: @firewithinedu
Twitter: @firewithinedu
Instagram: @firewithinedu


What is it?

Centralize is a digital archiving business that specializes in consolidating and solidifying photographic collections for businesses and consumers. As digital media grows over multiple devices and platforms, it becomes unorganized and hard to find. We understand that sharing media with potential customers, existing clients, and loved ones is essential in perpetuating business and relationships. Let us handle the technical details of cataloging, storing, and distributing so that you can focus on creating your next visual experience.

Our process begins with a face-to-face consultation of your specific needs and issues. We then evaluate your digital archive and create a plan using special processes learned through industry experience. The goal is to create individualized systems for companies and people to manage their digital media more efficiently. The system will save money in time and labor while creating a quicker response that improves customer experiences and retention

Founder of Centralize

Polly Babcock started her career studying film photography, and she quickly adapted to digital photography and media management. While working for top fashion photographers in New York City and around the world, she found a high demand for quick-distribution response time. With managing archives as large as 80TB, it was nearly impossible to find a single file with an urgent deadline. Hence, Polly built a system that evaluates and organizes cluttered digital melting pots.

Polly is the owner of Centralize and is based in Denver, CO. She maintains business relations in LA and NYC to expand her services to photographers and individuals who want effective results. The competitive advantage she brings is a personal connection to your brand and a tailored system that matches your specific needs. Her goal is to improve workflow and create a system that makes sense to you.



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