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Trout Tank Participants Week 4


Match Nest

What is it?

MatchNest enables homeowners to easily collect competitive bids for home improvement projects.  MatchNest creates an online auction for a homeowner’s project by building an initial estimate and then inviting dozens of contractors to view the details and place competing bids online. 

 By allowing a homeowner to share their initial estimate with other contractors, MatchNest brings the unstoppable rise of the sharing economy to the home improvement industry. This new model simplifies the home improvement process for homeowners and contractors, alike.

 On average homeowners get 7 bids within 48 hours of posting their project into the online auction.  This competitive process allows the homeowner to collect bids quickly, and feel confident in the price that they pay for home improvement. MatchNest has helped thousands of homeowners in Colorado and Texas hire with confidence.  Now, with over 30,000 contractors onboard across 52 US markets, MatchNest is preparing for a national launch.

Founder of MatchNest 

Aaron Williams is the Co-founder of MatchNest.  Aaron studied engineering at Columbia University, then worked on clean energy at two national labs.  As the son of a carpenter Aaron discovered everything that is great about building things, but everything that is wrong with the $400 billion home improvement industry.  Now he’s working to fix it.

 Bradley Bryant is the second Co-founder of MatchNest.  Bradley has his master's degree in computer science from the University of Texas.  Bradley is a data guru, with over 10 years of experience as a database engineer with Oracle and previous experience in other startup companies.

Faust & Eves

What is it?

Faust & Eves is a social mission-based craft beer and wine bar that supports local organizations and community members who devote themselves to community-based work.

Faust & Eves aims to assist individuals and organizations at the local level through financial means. Faust & Eves aspires to be an innovative participant in the emerging paradigm shift regarding conducting business in a socially conscious and impactful manner.

Devoted to the perfect pour, Faust & Eves provides a specialty draught beer system, enhancing the customer experience by serving each and every beer at its optimal drinking temperature.

When beer is served this way, carefully calculated and controlled based on the respective style of beer, Faust & Eves’s customers experience a full spectrum of flavors and aromatics that often are missed with traditional draught beer systems. Serving beers in this manner offers customers a unique experience that they cannot experience elsewhere.

Founders of Faust & Eves 

Sarah is a creative, “jack of all trades” of sorts, who has a multifaceted background in photography, illustration, design, development, and psychology.

Jonathan is the beer aficionado of the group. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications at Rollins College, in Winter Park, Florida where his love for beer blossomed at an on-campus brewery, Shipyard Brewpub.

Hannah is a marketing guru with a creative edge and strong knowledge of digital marketing, effective brand strategy and brand management.

Aaron is passionate about social enterprise and conscious business. He provides new ideas for scalable business development and social impact partnerships with Faust & Eves.


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