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Trout Tank Participants Week 5

Trout Tank FAQs

Click on a question to reveal the answer.  If you have any remaining questions please contact Morgan Alu at or call at 303-620-8026.

> What is the purpose of the Trout Tank: Pitch Accelerator?
We, along with our partners, have designed Trout Tank to educate and integrate entrepreneurs into the business community and serve as a platform to connect them with the funding sources and connections they need to be successful.

> What do I get for the $99 fee?
-Attend Funding Options Panel ($40 value)
-Attend a workshop with SBDC financial consultant and complete Funding Request Preview
-Go through a special Trout Tank edition of Rockies Venture Club Pitch Academy ($150 value)
-Assistance in completing a pitch deck and pitch packet
-Pitch at Final Auditions for a chance to compete in the Trout Tank: Final Event
-Pitch or attend the Trout Tank: Final Event ($20 value)

> What will I gain/learn?
Through the Trout Tank: Pitch Accelerator, you will be equipped with the pitch skills and funding knowledge in order to capitalize on opportunities moving into the future.

> On average, how many companies participate in each Trout Tank: Pitch Accelerator?
Anywhere from 10 to 25 companies participate in each Trout Tank: Pitch Accelerator class.

> What discounts are available?
Leading Edge Students (Past & Present) - $50
Trout Tank Retake Fee - $50

Chamber Members:
Bronze - $50
Gold/Silver - Free

> What companies can apply?
We welcome all companies – from beginning stage startups to existing businesses looking to expand.

> I am not the founder, but I am part owner. Can I still apply?
Yes, both founders and co-founders are welcome to apply.

> I have a nonprofit business. Am I eligible?
Yes, you are eligible, as long as you have a specific financial ask.

> My business is based outside of the US. Can I still apply?
Yes, as long as you meet all the requirements, and are able to attend all training's and events in person.

> I have participated in previous Trout Tanks – can I take part again?
Absolutely! Assuming you still meet all of the criteria, you are welcome to go through the program as many times as you would like.

> I am a co-founder. Can I do the pitch with my partner?
Yes, you are both welcome to do it, but that is not recommended.

> Can anyone in my company do the pitch?
Only key leadership roles are able to pitch (ex. Founder, co-founder, CEO, president, etc).

> Who gets to pitch at the Trout Tank: Final Event?
Following the final auditions, the top 3-5 companies are chosen to pitch at the Trout Tank: Final Event. Those not chosen will be given booth space to demo their product after the event during networking.

> Who are the judges at the Trout Tank: Final Event?
The judging panel is made up of key partners and business leaders within the Denver region.

> Who will be at the Trout Tank: Final Event?
The event is open to the public, and we invite lenders, investors, and business leaders to attend.

> What if I have never made a pitch deck before?
No problem! That’s what this process is for. We have a video that will walk you through the process of what you need, as well as a Pitch Academy and other resources to help you build a professional style pitch for your business.

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