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Mentor Application

Are you a seasoned business owner ready to share your tips ’n tricks with the next generation of entrepreneurs? Be a part of the Suits 'N Sneakers Mentors Walk on August 9, from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. at Central Park in Stapleton. It’s simple: bring a pair of sneakers and get paired up to discuss business challenges and ideas for future success. More than simply a walk in the park, this experience will drive health and wellness of your business, body and mind. Mentee registration will follow in June, with the option for mentees to choose their mentors.


For current business owners...
  • Past the start-up/survival stage and currently in the growth stage
  • Employ at least 3 full-time equivalent employees
  • Revenue will be considered
For previous business owners...
  • Successfully grew and sold a business
  • Employed at least 3 full-time equivalent employees
  • Revenue will be considered

Former Main Street Mentors Walk mentors need not apply. E-mail Alea.Kilgore@denversbdc.org to confirm your participation.


To apply, please complete the form below. For questions, contact Alea Kilgore at Alea.Kilgore@denversbdc.org or (303) 620-8044.


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