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Meet A Consultant – Darren Kanthal

Introducing Darren Kanthal: Your Coach-sultant

Did you know that 61 percent of Colorado’s workforce hasn’t earned a college degree (CO Consensus Bureau)? When it comes to recruiting the right candidate, hiring based on outdated merit systems eliminates a large portion of competent job seekers.

Darren Kanthal brings his HR and recruiting “Coach-sulting” skills and expertise to provide a free service to the Denver Small Business Development Center. His background with Skillful hiring and Behavioral Interviewing gives employers the edge on innovative and efficient recruitment of labor talent.

Have any of these obstacles held you back from accomplishing goals:

  • Time restraints Your to-do list is growing exponentially, and finding time to evolve your recruiting processes and procedures seems like an impossible task. What if strategic initiatives no longer fell to the wayside?
  • Resource restraints You’re a growing business and lack the staff to do the job for you, but you’re unsure about the process. What if you had a “Coach”-sultant who walked you through the process, giving you nuggets of wisdom for future success?
  • Financial restraints Expanding your human resources team or hiring professional consultant isn’t in the company budget. What if you gained the assistance you need, and it was offered as a free service? It is!

Darren Kanthal is a career coach who “respectfully gives confidence to navigate the hiring process.” He’s a man of action who moves things forward, helps relieve stress, and challenges the status quo. He understands the pain points of hiring, and takes initiative to alleviate the situation.

Starting his career in 2000, Darren Kanthal has held a variety of positions in human resources and talent acquisition. After several early career obstacles, the silver lining became the catalyst in the foundation of his program. Darren went through a process of self-reflection by studying literature about corporate relations and using feedback from former bosses and coworkers. He gained tools to better understand and collaborate with clients through effective listening and constructive feedback. Darren realized that if he wanted to see change, he would become the change.

If you’re ready to break barriers and join the “movement” of competency-based hiring techniques, then you will see:

  • Positive diversity
  • Increases in the candidate pool
  • Fairness in the hiring process
  • Less subjectivity
  • The “Halo Effect” will no longer blind you into choosing a wrong fit

A proud New York transplant, Darren has honed his interpersonal skills through coaching hundreds of clients, and he’s a passionate believer in the Skillful process. As a self-aware and effective communicator, Darren Kanthal is your guide to the four steps involved with recruitment:

  1. Writing the Right Job Description Attracting the right candidate means fine-tuning the correct description of who you’re looking
  2. Candidate Evaluation Align the most competent candidates based on their past experiences.
  3. Selection and Onboarding Behavioral Interviewing to ensure past experiences mirror what future outcomes will
  4. Employee Retention A critical step to preserving the talent when you’ve sealed the

Darren Kanthal is a firm believer in lasting partnerships, he’s helped hundreds of people in the recruitment process, and his services are free-– so what are you waiting for?

For more information about the process or services provided, visit www.YourHumanResourcesPartner.com.

Are you ready to be a part of the change? It’s free!

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