Daddy’s Homemade

Daddy’s Homemade Syrup embarked on its journey with a mission to provide families with an all-natural alternative to traditional syrups and pancake mix. What started as a homemade treat for their own kids evolved into a business inspired by their daughter’s drawings, adorning each label with a touch of family creativity. Beyond breakfast, the unique flavors found their way into various culinary delights, becoming a household staple.

The entrepreneurial journey began in February 2020, just before the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst raising three children and dealing with health issues, the founders faced the demands of scaling their business. The Small Business Development Center became a crucial ally during this time, providing support and resources.

Equipped with experience in the food industry and business management, the founders found the CPG industry and wholesale space to be unfamiliar territory. The SBDC proved invaluable, offering consultants and resources to navigate complexities. Virtual courses and meetings facilitated continuous learning and growth.

Post-SBDC participation, the business connected with vital resources, completed a woman-owned business certification application, and gained a deeper understanding of the trademark process. Daddy’s Homemade was also  awarded the Denver Broncos Business Boost, out of almost 700 nominated businesses.

Describing their entrepreneurial journey as empowering, Daddy’s Homemade Syrup transformed from a desire to share syrup into a CEO-led venture. The business evolved into a symbol of unity, togetherness, and cherished moments, inspiring creativity in the kitchen. It’s not just about delicious toppings; it’s about building lasting memories and fostering a sense of unity through shared experiences. The products bring a unique sense of togetherness, making the entrepreneurial journey an unparalleled and heartwarming experience.

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