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Die Die Must Try

Die Die Must Try, which means “something so good you have to try it!” in Singlish, is a Singapore-inspired Boba tea shop, that exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit at its finest. From their humble beginnings to becoming a newly beloved fixture in Denver’s culinary scene, their journey is a testament to courage, determination, and the power of community support.

“When we started Die Die Must Try Beverage Co., one of the biggest challenges was building our network of professionals here in Denver. Coming from the east coast, and from Singapore in my parent’s case, we had to start from the ground up,” recalls Ben Chow, owner of Die Die Must Try.

Navigating the complexities of starting a business from scratch in Denver was no small feat. Yet, Die Die Must Try embraced the challenge with unwavering enthusiasm. “The SBDC provided a great launch pad for us to make meaningful business connections here in Denver, as well as practical guidance on how to thoughtfully craft a business plan,” shares Chow.

“Through the SBDC’s entrepreneur course, Leading Edge, I was able to develop a strong, well-researched business plan for our Boba shop that was reviewed by peers and outside consultants,” Chow adds. “This business plan was used to secure a great location for our shop in Cherry Creek North, allowing us to be surrounded by other businesses that would attract our target market.”

Today, Die Die Must Try stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and cultural exchange in Denver. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and community has endeared them to locals and visitors alike. “I can’t speak highly enough about the training and support I got from the SBDC. If you are looking to start a business in Denver on the right foot, the SBDC is the place to start!”

Full Battle Rattle Deli

“In the military, Full Battle Rattle means that you get your gear and are ready to move out. At Full Battle Rattle Deli, we are also ready to move out, but into our communities to serve and support our veteran brothers and sisters.” Michael Gropper, owner of Full Battle Rattle Deli says. The idea for Full Battle Rattle came about after an experience Gropper had with a veteran who was homeless at the VA hospital.

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Future Fit Foods

Future Fit Foods is a woman-and-minority-owned food startup out of Boulder, Colorado, bringing people diverse plant-based foods that prioritize the wellbeing and happiness of people and communities. They are also the winners of the 2021 Trout Tank CPG Pitch Event. Paloma Lopez, founder of Future Fit Foods realized the change people were making was incremental because the business models, brands, and products had not been designed with today’s sustainability and nutrition needs in mind. After

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Gel-Oh Dolly!

Do you want a fun, easy-to-use way to consume your favorite craft cocktails and deserts? That’s where Gel-Oh Dolly! comes in. Gel-Ol Dolly! is a grown-up twist on an old favorite. They provide a gourmet Jell-O shot mix for you to create your own fancy shot. For Dolly Fiedelman co-founder of Gel-Oh Dolly!, running her own company seemed natural coming from a family of entrepreneurs. The desire was always there – that’s why Fiedelman took

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Factotum Brewhouse

The concept of Factotum Brewhouse was first imagined when siblings Christopher and Laura Bruns met their other brother and sister for dinner. As it usually goes when the four congregate, several beers were consumed and before long the idea of a homebrewer-driven craft brewery began to materialize. No strangers to the craft beer scene, Christopher and Laura began racking their minds, trying to think of any brewery—local or otherwise—that truly focused on homebrewers. Was there

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Wong Way Veg

When Lisa Wong stepped foot into the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center in 2011, her dream of starting a food truck in Denver was just that – a dream. Wong envisioned herself running a business that would marry her love for vegetarian food with her passion for building community. Two years later, her dream became a reality. But Wong’s dream didn’t come to life without hard work. In the fall of 2012, she enrolled

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Brittany Winkfield is like a lot of entrepreneurs. She saw a gap in the marketplace and instead of waiting for someone else to fill it, she went after it herself. Led by a belief and desire that a Christian lifestyle magazine existed within the community, she used her creative skills, business network, and the SBDC to create Back2Basics Magazine. And she did it with the grace and style of a dedicated entrepreneur that understands how

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