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Building Ethical Business That Does More

Building Ethical Business That Does More is a comprehensive workshop aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of ethical business practices and their impact on society and the environment. The course covers the essence of ethical business, exploring its definition and various models, while highlighting the significant benefits it brings.

Participants delve into the critical role ethical businesses play in addressing societal challenges, such as job creation, fostering innovation, and solving pressing issues. Moreover, the workshop introduces the concept of social enterprises, elucidating their characteristics and importance in driving positive social and environmental change alongside financial sustainability.

Through practical exercises, attendees learn to map their business’s value chain to identify areas for sustainable impact and develop strategies to measure and communicate their social and environmental contributions effectively. Additionally, the course sheds light on potential risks, such as mission drift and unintended consequences, offering insights into mitigating these challenges and ensuring businesses remain aligned with their ethical principles.

By the program’s conclusion, participants are equipped with the knowledge and tools to build and sustain ethical businesses that not only thrive economically but also contribute meaningfully to the betterment of society and the planet.

Important Dates

Tuesday, June 2, 2024 | 5:30 - 7 PM


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This workshop is FREE!

Key Course Takeaways:

  • Understanding the essence of ethical business and its significance in addressing societal challenges.
  • Exploring various models of ethical business and their benefits for both businesses and communities.
  • Recognizing the role of ethical businesses as drivers of job creation, innovation, and problem-solving.
  • Introduction to social enterprises and their characteristics, emphasizing the importance of balancing social and environmental missions with financial sustainability.
  • Learning to map the value chain of a business to identify opportunities for sustainable impact and develop strategies to integrate ethical practices.
  • Implementing measurement structures to assess and communicate the social and environmental impact of business operations.

About the Presenter:

Alex Berryman, a Colorado native, has devoted her career to combating human trafficking by leveraging business mechanisms to drive sustainable change. Drawing from her extensive experience and expertise in the anti-trafficking field, Alex has served as a marketing professional in impact-led businesses, actively addressing human trafficking in Nepal. With over 4.5 years of on-the-ground experience in Nepal, Berryman has spearheaded numerous business initiatives aimed at preventing human trafficking through the generation of employment opportunities. Presently, she is immersed in research endeavors focused on enhancing the effectiveness of business interventions in rural Nepali communities in the fight against trafficking. Additionally, Alex is dedicated to assisting businesses in utilizing their current operations to effect enduring change within their community and beyond.

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