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Bringing Neuroscientific Knowledge into Leadership and Management.

It’s a different world now. Markets and workforces are increasingly global and diverse. Change is so rapid that one leader can’t hope to keep abreast of all developments, much less be responsible for the innovation needed to keep ahead of them. Decision making is broadly distributed across an organization, and collaboration is required with numerous parties outside it.

In this course we will explore the application of neuroscience experientially to work on your inner game. Over the 6 weeks we will examine increasing self and social awareness, re-examining relationships, trust, influential conversations, conflict, stress, transparency, culture, habit change, and more. Those who participate in all sessions should notice real change in their relationships, defensiveness, confidence, performance, agility, and happiness.

What To Expect

  • Six two-hour virtual sessions including interactive group work and guest speakers
  • Powerful presentations, plans of action, and tools
  • One-on-one consulting available
  • Feedback on your leadership style and how to improve
  • Free registration to workshops at the Denver Metro SBDC while enrolled
  • Measurable habit change analysis
  • Reducing stress in your life and those around you
  • Using cutting edge science to make yourself best leader and manager you can be

Registration Opens
January 15, 2020

Info Sessions
March 4, 2020 | 4 – 5 p.m. | Register
POSTPONED | 4 – 5 p.m. |  Register

Course Sessions
April 8 – May 13, 2020 | Wednesdays | 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. | VIRTUAL


Standard Course Fee
Individual Session Rate
Denver Metro Chamber Members
Additional Employees

Meet Your Secret Weapon. Michelle (Shakti) Anne, is a guru, coach and speaker in the art of relationships, leadership and human transformation. She has 30 years of corporate experience, training in neuroscience from Harvard University, studied with one of the most internationally revered yogi’s of our time and is a published author. She has owned 3 successful businesses while raising 5 kids. Widely known as a secret weapon, Michelle helps executives see blind spots, remove obstacles, accelerate self-mastery and creates possibility where there was none. She calmly leads you to the next level of success.

NeuroLeadership Curriculum

Week 1


Week 2
Culture & ROI

What is culture?

Week 3
Motivation & Engagement

Week 4
Decision Making
Fear, Bias, and Stress

Week 5
Influential Conversation
Trust, Loyalty, Integrity

Week 6
Brain Change Methodology
Real transformations discovered

Drop and Transfer Regulations:
Drops: Any drop must be done within the first week. You will receive almost a full reimbursement – $50 will stay with the SBDC to cover hard costs. 
Transfer: Anyone wishing to transfer must do so within the first three weeks. The transfer must be to the next upcoming class.


Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

1445 Market St., 5th floor
Denver, CO 80202

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