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It’s no secret that, as the region’s unemployment rate remains at historic lows, small businesses are struggling to find the skilled talent they need to remain competitive; according to Denver Metro SBDC’s recently published Colorado Small Businesses Survey, more than half of companies with revenue over $500,000 reported that a lack of qualified workers was a challenge to their growth.

That’s why we are bringing you the Skillful Talent Series trainings, designed to help employers find, hire and train talent with a focus on skills instead of proxies for skills like previous titles and degrees, thereby deepening your companies’ talent pools, reducing time to hire and improving retention and diversity.

Talent Series 101: Attract the Right Talent

TBA | 11:30 - 1:00 PM

Is a tight market keeping you from filling positions? Unfilled positions cost companies like yours an average of $800,000 a year. Yet most job postings use requirements that create barriers eliminating more than 95% of possible applicants. These job postings contribute to costly losses in productivity and difficulty in attracting the right candidates.

At Skillful Talent Series 101: Attract the Right Talent, you’ll learn how to:

  • Hire highly skilled people to increase your company’s productivity
  • Attract great candidates for hard-to-fill positions with straightforward changes to your job postings
  • Diversify your team by reducing bias and barriers during recruitment

Don’t let the low unemployment or growing skills gap prevent you from hiring a great staff. By focusing on skills, not credentials, you’ll staff hard-to-fill positions, reduce time-to-hire, and increase your company’s diversity.

Talent Series 102: Candidate Evaluation

TBA | 11:30 - 1:00 PM

Avoid the frustration and cost of bad hiring decisions! Traditional interviews assess someone’s personality, not their skill set, leaving you uncertain on an applicant’s ability to do the job. Join us to learn how to build an evaluation process that differentiates those good for the job from those just good at interviewing.

In Skillful Talent Series 102: Candidate Evaluation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a screening process that is inclusive to all qualified applicants
  • Ask interview questions that get to what impacts your bottom line
  • Use assessments to ensure you hire people who get the job done

Remember, skills are the best predictor of success for new hires. Be certain that you’re hiring people with the skills your company needs most!

Talent Series 103: Selection and Onboarding

TBA | 11:30 - 1:00 PM

Struggling to find people with the perfect skill set? Frustrated with the time it takes for new hires get to full productivity?

Onboarding a new hire impacts how and when works get done. Unfortunately, we don’t always set the new hire up for success with our onboarding structure. A structured onboarding approach was found to increase the likelihood that a new hire will stay for three years longer than those with an unstructured onboarding process by 69%, according to the SHRM Foundation.

SKILLFUL® Talent Series 103 workshop provides you with a new approach for developing new employees so they get up to speed as quickly as possible – increasing productivity and reducing turnover.

Join us for a workshop that will help fill positions more quickly and improve retention by setting new hires up for success.

Talent Series 104: Employee Retention

TBA | 11:30 - 1:00 PM

Outside hires take three years to be as productive in the same job as someone promoted internally. Yet only 7% of people advance within a company. By neglecting to develop and promote internally, many companies to miss opportunities to increase retention, productivity, and fill positions anywhere in the company.

Join us to create new approaches to grow people within your organization!

In SKILLFUL® Talent Series 104: Employee Retention learn how to:

  • Identify and grow the skills your staff needs as your company changes and grows
  • Create opportunities for development and advancement to improve productivity and retention
  • Make confident promotion decisions based on skills needed to succeed

When filling your open positions, look at the great candidates you could already have on your staff.

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Meet Your Instructor:

Jessie serves as a Workforce Development Consultant, facilitating Skillful Talent Series trainings in partnership with the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center. Jessie has been working in employee and career development for more than a decade and has a doctorate in Leadership. She completed her dissertation research on employee behavior, engagement, and empowerment within generational work preference.

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