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Virtual Ice House Entrepreneurial Development Program

Live your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Our Ice House Entrepreneurial Development Program will help you turn your business dreams into business realities.

Most people have innate entrepreneurial tendencies. We want to be problem solvers. We want to provide value for other people. And, in an ideal world, we want to get paid to do those things! The Ice House Entrepreneur Development Program can help you launch or grow a business. And especially now in times of uncertainty, we all need to learn how to overcome times of adversity. Ice House programming helps create highly resilient, resourceful, and solution-oriented individuals that can withstand resource-constrained environments. Keep reading to find out how we can help you live your entrepreneurial dreams! 

What To Expect

Learn how to overcome your fears, build community, create a personal brand, become a life-long learner, develop grit, tap into internal motivation, define personal and professional goals, manage limited resources, and truly understand the problems you are solving for others.

  • Attend a virtual weekly two-hour classroom session for ten weeks
  • Complete one to two hours of online training per week
  • Master the eight critical entrepreneurial mindset characteristics as outlined in the book “Who Owns the Ice House” by Clifton Taulbert
  • Have access to close personal interaction with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Meet one-on-one with SBDC Consultants to reach your full potential
  • Create a vision statement to guide your entrepreneurial journey
  • Learn to use the Opportunity Discovery Canvas to evaluate your business idea or find a new direction for your current business
  • Interact and receive support from peers with-in your cohort
  • Develop or re-engage your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Access to the Ice House alumni network

Who Should Apply

  • Business owners who feel stagnant or stuck with their strategies and would like to re-invigorate their creativity and motivation
  • Aspiring business owners who may be fearful or unsure of how to launch a business
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to refine their business idea with inexpensive yet creative market research
  • Employees looking to create more value for themselves and increase motivation and self-confidence in the workplace

Registration Opens
May 13, 2021

Info Session
June 1, 2021 | 5:45 – 6:45 PM | Register

Virtual Course Sessions
June 22 – August 24 | Tuesdays | 5:45 – 7:45 PM

August 24, 2021 | 5:45 – 6:45 PM


Payment is required at registration.

Standard Course Fee

Early Bird Special (Register and pay by June 21; code EarlyBird)
$295.00 ($55 OFF)

For questions about the Virtual Ice House Entrepreneurial Development Program, please contact Rob Rose by email or at 303.620.8045.

Course Outline


Narrated video lessons, companion text, student workbook and video case studies


Discussion topics and in-class activities designed to encourage peer-to-peer interaction and analysis.


Presentations and guest lectures foster communication, collaboration, and networking skills


True/False assignments assess basic knowledge and comprehension of the eight life lessons


Assignments enable participants to develop and apply new knowledge with real world entrepreneurial experiences


Encourages participants to reflect on their experiences and how it can be applied to their goals

Drop and Transfer Regulations:
Drops: Any drop must be done within the first week. You will receive almost a full reimbursement – $99 will stay with the SBDC to cover hard costs. 
Transfer: Anyone wishing to transfer must do so within the first three weeks. The transfer must be to the next upcoming class.

Meet the Facilitator

Adam 800x1200

Adam Melnick is certified by the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative to facilitate Ice House and has even helped them further develop the Ice House curriculum for economic development purposes. A former Colorado Lending Source staff member, Adam currently teaches small business entrepreneurship, general entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial business plan writing at MSU Denver. His approach to the material is hands-on, honest, encouraging, and non-judgmental. He excels at making the program a safe-space for entrepreneurs to share their struggles and accomplishments and is well versed in using remote teaching technologies to facilitate online classes. One of his past participants even complimented, “The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program and guidance from Adam has truly changed my life.” Adam has had the pleasure of helping over 100 graduates complete the program and is excited to bring this training to the Denver Metro SBDC and Chamber of Commerce. 

Ice House is made possible in partnership with Colorado Lending Source

For more information, contact Amanda Peck by email or at 303.260.5114

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